Irlam Endowed Primary School

Our School Meals

At Irlam Endowed Primary School, we use School Grid for our school meals.

It is an award winning school meal ordering system which ensures children and parents can order the meals that they want. 



Please see the information below on how to use:


Registering and get an account and log in:  

You will receive an email from school with instructions on how to log in and get started.

Do not hesitate to contact the school office if you have any questions or issues.

Once you register you will be able to go online to choose and order your school meals at home, view recipes, check ingredient information and block dishes which contain certain allergens.



Pre-ordering is done by the parent/carer and child at home.  Your child can have a school meal as often as they like or just as a one off. There are no restrictions around if and when your child can have a lunch.



Please ensure that your child’s account has enough credit for lunches ordered. If the account is not in credit, your child will receive a default meal of a sandwich and piece of fruit, but only for a short limited period.


Tell us about your allergies

If your child has a common allergy, you can enter it on the website and it will be displayed to the lunchtime staff at lunchtime. We will also disable any unsafe options on your menu when ordering. Please continue to inform us of any dietary requirements, as all needs can be catered for.



The children select their name on a touch screen at the counter during lunch service. Their pre-ordered meal choice is displayed to the lunchtime staff, as well as their dietary needs. If a mismatch is detected the staff will advise of an alternative.



The children have been involved in redesigning the menu to include their favourite dishes, whilst still keeping the healthy balance.  There will still be a daily vegetarian option,  but an extended variety of other preferred choices too. Please look at the menu with your child and choose their daily favourites in advance.

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