Irlam Endowed Primary School

Meet the Staff

Leadership Team

Mr Lynch  Headteacher and DSL
Mrs Whitaker  Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Ryding  Behaviour, Pastoral Leader and DDSL
Miss Smid  KS1 and English Lead
Mrs Sharrock  SENDCo




Mrs Millington Nursery Teacher and EYFS Lead
Mrs Lek Reception Teacher 
Mrs McMahon Reception Teacher 
Miss Timmins Year 1 Teacher 
Mrs Whitaker Year 2 Teacher 
Mrs Sharrock Language Resource Teacher 
Mrs Barlow Language Resource Teacher 
Mrs Ryding Year 3 Teacher 
Mrs Davenport Year 4 Teacher 
Mr Scrutton Year 4 Teacher 
Mrs Fraser-Jones Year 5 Teacher 
Miss Hopley Year 6 Teacher 



Support Staff

Mrs Hackett DSO and Pastoral Assistant
Mrs Dennett DSO and Pastoral Assistant
Mr Evans IT Support and Teaching Assistant
Mrs Cunliffe Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bamber Teaching Assistant
Mrs Stewart Teaching Assistant
Miss Cosgrove Teaching Assistant 
Miss Garland Teaching Assistant 
Mrs O'Hara Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Doyle-Edge Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Hamilton Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Black Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Stopford Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Middleton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dennis Teaching Assistant
Mrs Degg Teaching Assistant
Mrs Scholes Teaching Assistant
Miss Byrne Teaching Assistant
Mrs Meskauskiene Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bradley-Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs Greenhalgh Welfare Assistant
Mrs Lowndes Welfare Assistant


The school complies with the Government's Safe Guarding Legislation and has a strict policy on safe working practices.