Irlam Endowed Primary School

At Irlam Endowed Primary School, we recognise the importance of Maths playing a fundamental part of a child’s education from Nursery to Year 6.

Please find our school policies as links below.  This will show you our philosophy on learning, our planning methods and our calculation methods.

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Planning in years Nursery to Year 6:

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In Nursery, they follow the EYFS Curriculum using Ten Town plus other resources to support the children’s learning.

We follow the White Rose Planning Scheme of Work from Reception onwards.  This scheme is used to plan our overview of learning in each class alongside a variety of resources that will aid to embed the new skills and knowledge.  Each year group broadly follows the Overview (see below).

The White Rose Maths website has a useful section for parents that shows tips and guidance, work ideas and useful home schooling links.


Reception Overview

Year 1 Overview


Year 2 Overview


Year 3 Overview


Year 4 Overview


Year 5 Overview


Year 6 Overview


Other aspects of Maths at school:

We use Times Tables Rockstars (from Year 2) to promote new learning and to practise skills in times tables.

Other useful websites include:

Top Marks has an amazing game called Hit the Button which gives the children a fun experience of a variety of games.


For added Maths fun and homework in the Juniors, we use IXL to let the children access learning at their level and skill base.


In school, we have a Times Tables challenge that we use to promote the learning. The children are awarded badges as they progress along the Racetrack in their year groups.

The times tables and learning associated with them are appropriate to each year group.

By Year 4, the children are expected to know their tables facts up to 12 x 12 along with the division facts.