Irlam Endowed Primary School


During the school life of a child at Irlam Endowed Primary School, we believe that it is our responsibility to help develop their interests and talents, enabling each child to develop independence, resilience and confidence in their own abilities. We believe it is our role to show and develop each child’s interests in the local and wider area. Through our enrichment offer, we enable children to build a respect and understanding of their own locality including the people within it. 


British Values run throughout our curriculum, personal development and enrichment offer and are embodied in our school values and philosophy. There is also an emphasis on health education of each child, both physically through our PE curriculum and mentally through our personal development and PSHEC offer.


Enrichment Pathway

We have used our school motto, ‘Fulfilling our Potential’, our philosophy and our four school values (Respect, Kindness, Resilience and Diversity) to create opportunities for all the children at Irlam Endowed Primary School to experience new and varied activities that develop character, build resilience and motivation, and inspire. We have called this our ‘Enrichment Pathway’. Our Enrichment Pathway is our unique pathway of events and offers that we feel helps provide children with a rounded, culturally rich education through activities that enhance their learning.


School Philosophy

Our school philosophy embodies our vision for all children:

At Irlam Endowed, collaborative, respectful and positive relationships are at the heart of our school community. Unique and meaningful learning experiences empower children to become resilient, responsible and kind members of the local community. Diversity is embraced into the school’s culture and everyone is welcome.’


To fulfil our school philosophy, our Enrichment Pathway encompasses many diverse elements:

  • Carefully planned unique learning experiences within the classroom
  • A range of educational off-site visits
  • Opportunities to participate in residentials
  • A broad range of after-school clubs
  • Music Lessons
  • Opportunities to participate in school councils
  • Librarian opportunities
  • Participating in awareness events (such as Black History Month and Pride Month)
  • Participating in school performances
  • Opportunities to support charities
  • Experiencing visitors to school
  • Participating in sporting events