Irlam Endowed Primary School

Our Awards and Accrediations




Music Mark

This school has been nominated to become a music mark school in recognition of a commitment to providing a high-quality music education for all children and young people.





AfPE (Association for Physical Education)

The AfPE (Association for Physical Education) has a post-Olympic Legacy award that is extremely difficult to achieve. It involves a long process of self-evaluation reflecting on what we offer and the impact it has on the children in our school. In April, AfPE spent two days in the school validating and monitoring the application we made. The two inspectors from AfPE were extremely complimentary about the quality of PE teaching and sports activities which happen at Irlam Endowed. They also agreed with us regarding the large impact they make on the lives of our children.






Elklan – Communication Friendly Schools Status Award. Accreditation Date - October 2013.
Gaining this award shows that all staff at Irlam Endowed have received extended training to help all children with their speech, language and communication needs. 

This accredited status reinforces the high level of skills and teaching strategies which are embedded throughout our school in:

• Understanding non-verbal communication, listening, attention and the use of visual strategies • Helping to develop memory skills • Understanding language beyond simple sentences • Encouraging expressive language • Promoting effective communication & social skills • Supporting children with unclear speech • Linking speech with language and literacy and, • Helping children with the management of stammering.





Platinum Kitemark For School Games

The Platinum Kitemark for school games is an award which recognises the sporting opportunities and successes of children in schools. This is awarded to very few primary schools.





UNICEF Bronze Certificate

We are pleased to say that we have achieved our Rights Respecting bronze award. This means that we now have a plan in place to  ensure our children learn about their rights by putting them into practice every day. Children and adults will learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which outlines what children need to survive and thrive, becoming the best they can be and achieving their potential.​ It is proven to benefit everyone in the school community to grow and learn together. We hope you will continue to support the school’s journey to becoming a silver Unicef UK Rights Respecting School.





International School Award

The International School Award recognises that our pupils value all their classmates. It reflects our work on community cohesion. Encouraged pupils to acknowledge and respect the diversity of our world.





Dyslexia Friendly School

As you are aware, we have been proud to call ourselves a Dyslexia Friendly School (DFS) since 2010. Since then, we have been working hard to maintain and improve the experiences we offer our children. We have continued to enhance our learning environments, as we see this as key to enabling all our pupils access to the curriculum. All our classrooms, across both Key Stages are bright and vibrant places which encourage children to learn though visual displays and clear learning journeys.  All our resource organisation is labelled so it is accessible to all. We have number lines and alphabet arcs in all our classrooms which support learning, as well as visual timetables which are updated daily.We have developed many strategies through the award process which help pupils with dyslexic tendencies in their everyday activities. Our staff have worked extremely hard to ensure we provide the best teaching and learning experiences for our children. We have found that the above strategies have not only improved the learning opportunities for our children with dyslexic tendencies but for all our children.

In March 2016, our school was re awarded the Dyslexia Friendly Schools status as we have continued to support our children with dyslexic tendencies and offer them a supported and challenging learning environment in which to thrive and achieve their best. This award will be in place from April 2016 – April 2019.





Safer Schools Award

Awarded in recognition of our commitment to keeping our pupils safe. Pupils have become more aware of all aspects of keeping safe.





Every Child Counts

Awarded because we have lots of staff trained to help make maths learning easier. Gaining this award has enabled pupils in Y1-3 to have fantastic one to one maths intervention.





I Can

The accredited felt that we placed great importance on early communication skills. They recognised the effective work done in the EYFS which encourages talk for learning, questioning, speaking and listening. Talk is promoted in all other classes too as an important life skill.





Eco Schools

Lots of our topics include thinking about sustainability and environmental issues. This award shows our commitment through our curriculum to eco harmony.





Enhanced Healthy Schools Award 

For many years, becoming a healthy school and extending this status has been an important part of Irlam Endowed vision. The school council has led many initiatives and brought in lots of positive changes. This award is recognition of our pupils drive for healthier lunches, more sport, better dental health and educating everyone about a healthier lifestyle.





Investors In People

We believe strongly that staff are the most valuable resource we have at Irlam Endowed. This award shows how we always support our staff and encourage them to develop professionally. The length of time we have been in receipt of this award illustrates our drive for self and school improvement.


Rights Respecting - Silver Award

In December 2021, we achieved our silver Rights Respecting Award: Rights aware, granted by UNICEF. The Rights Respecting Schools Award is granted to schools that show commitment to promoting and realising children’s rights and encouraging adults, children and young people to respect the rights of others in school. Silver is given to schools that make excellent progress towards embedding the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into its ethos and curriculum.

The Award recognises achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of a school’s planning, policies and practice. A Rights Respecting School is a community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted.

We are really proud of achieving our silver award and look forward to continuing our Rights Respecting journey over the next few months and years.