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Please click on the link to read our recent Ofsted report which was published on 8th March 2018.

I am sure you will agree that the inspector recognised how wonderful our pupils, staff and school community are.

The school will now create an action plan to build on our successes and follow any recommendations.

Thank you for your continued support of the school and enjoy reading our lovely report.

Irlam Endowed PS Final Inspection Letter For Publication March 2018.pdf

Online Safety Alert

We have been informed of some online safety concerns around a game our children play online called ‘Fortnite.
There is currently a group who are hacking accounts and there have been some reported cases of grooming. We are suggesting that you check your child’s account and discuss online safety with them. This game has a PEGI rating of 12 years, as some of the content is deemed unsuitable for primary age children.


This week's events and diary

Mon 23rd – Y5 Swimming

Tues 24th – Golf tournament

Tues 24th – Phonics screen meeting for Y1 parents

Tues 24th – PTA meeting (2.30pm)


100% Attendance Prize Draw 

Well done to all of our 100% attendance prize draw winners!


In first place winning a £20 Gift Card: Elijah (Reception)

In second place winning a £15 Gift Card: Keileigh (Nursery)

In third place winning a £10 Gift Card: Sophie (Year Two)



In first place winning a £20 Gift Card: Steiven (Year Five)

In second place winning a £15 Gift Card: Elizabeth(Year Four)

In third place winning a £10 Gift Card: Jack R (Year Three)


Walk To School Week

As part of Living Streets, Walk Once a Week campaign, Strider (the big foot mascot)  joined the children from Irlam Endowed Primary School's walking bus, on their daily walk to school. It was a nice surprise for the children as a reward for walking to school every day. As well as hopefully encouraging more families from the area to walk to school.

This is the second year that children from Irlam Endowed have been earning monthly badges just by walking to school. This has had a great impact on the children, making them healthier and happier.

Noah said that having Strider with them was fun. I have never had a mascot come to school before.. I like walking to school as I can meet my friends and have a chat with them.


Anti-Bullying Week

29th January to 2nd February, Irlam Endowed celebrated our Anti-Bullying week. We started our week with a whole school assembly which reflected on how we are all the same but also unique in our own ways. Each child received a badge and continued to look at anti-bullying themes throughout the week during their PSHE lessons. 


Mad Science Assembly

On Monday 15th January 2018 we enjoyed an awe- inspiring visit from a mad scientist during a special assembly on Science.

During the show, staged by Mad Science, the children learnt how to get an egg into a conical flask (‘Eggbert’s House) using a change in air pressure as the temperature inside the flask changes. Mrs Banks was fantastic at demonstrating how to remove the egg from the flask.

With the help of Professor Isaac we also learnt about testing the pH of a chemical using cabbage by extracting the coloured chemicals from the cabbage. It was fascinating to watch that when acids are added to the mixture, it will turn pink, and when alkalis are added, the mixture turns green.

Professor Sophie had the chance to be a ‘Jedi Warrior’. When she touched the Plasma Ball, the electricity from the ball moved through Professor Sophie and the light bulb on its way to the ground, causing it to light up. We learnt that Nicola Tesla invented a light bulb without wires using a glowing gas called Neon to light it up.

At the end of the assembly the mad scientist demonstrated how Butane can be trapped into the bubbles of soapy water and then set on fire. The children were told that this part of the show was not to be copied or tried at home.

Thank-you Mad Science. The children were really impressed and have not stopped talking about the amazing show. There is a real buzz about Science in school. We will look forward to you returning.


Children In Need

This year, Irlam Endowed went spotty for Children In Need.


Food Bank

The school councillors packed away the food donated into boxes and helped Miss Smid put them onto the minibus. Our year 4 councillors went with Miss Smid to the local food bank where they were busy sorting and labelling the foods.


SATS Information

Do you have a child in Year 2 or Year 6? Click on the link to find out the latest information on the formal assessments happening soon. Watch the video too.



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   Ofsted Report

Please click on the link below to read our latest Ofsted report. We are very proud of it.




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