5th - 7th February 2020


7th February 2020


All fed and we have said our goodbyes to our brilliant instructors, Katie, Hannah, Leanne and Rihanna! We are in the bus all buckled in and we will see you all very soon!

Text messages should be going out to let you know when we will arrive home!


Just finished our final activities of our Robinwood adventure, Zip Wire and Dungeon. Its been amazing but we are very knackered. We will be having lunch soon before heading home.


Forest group have become Robin Hoods and Maid Marians in Archery. 


Wood team managed to escape the dungeon!


Just finished our breakfast and we're off to our first activities of the day; Zip Wire and the Dungeon.


We're all awake and getting our rooms and bags ready before breakfast. We are definitely excited for the Zip Wire!

6th February 2020


Everyone has settled down in bed ready for a good nights sleep. Looking forward to our final morning here. Good night!



The second day is coming to a close and we are all having a nice chat about our exciting day. Everyone is very tired and we will no doubt get a good nights sleep tonight, fresh for our last morning at Robinwood. Pictures soon


Well done to the "pom pom wom woms" during crate challenge for building the highest tower! Harvey and Melody made a super team, even though Harvey fell off half way through!


Forest ran up that climbing wall like it was nothing! Demi and Alfie in particular impressed the instructors and the teachers.


We've just finished our last activities before tea time. We have just done the Crate Challenge and Climbing Wall and will be switching over after we have eaten.


Wood and Hill are just finishing up on the lake after an exciting session in the canoes. We're about to hit the showers before making our way to the climbing wall.


Hill and Wood groups are testing their mental skills on the Knights Quest and Forest are pushing their bodies to their limits on the challenge course. 


Tuck Shop!


Forest are having a brilliant time on the Giant Swing and Wood and Hill are showing off their skill in Archery. 


We've all settled into our first activities of the day, Forest will soon find out why the dreaded Robinwood squirrels are so dreaded at the Night Line, and Wood and Hill are jumping from great heights at the trapeze. Pictures soon


It looks like Alfie was visited by the tooth fairy last night.


Good morning! We are all up and on our way to breakfast. 

5th February 2020


We are winding down now with some hot chocolate and biscuits before bed. See you in the morning!


The team challenge room is full of laughter as we mummified our friends! Isabelle, Owen and Isobel were fantastic mummies.


It was close, but we managed to survive the Piranha Pool! We've all had some amazing food and are all together for team challenge. 


It's Forests turn to explore the caves, and Wood and Hill are preparing to enter the Piranha Pool! 


Hill and Wood are currently exploring the dark caves below the castle. Forest are taking on the trapeze!


Wood and Hill let out a few tears and screams as they were greeted by the dreaded Robinwood squirrels but they all finished with a smile and a sense of accomplishment.


Forest have really enjoyed their time on the lake in the canoes. 


We are having a fantastic time at our first activities! Forest group are facing the brand new Knight's Quest and Wood and Hill group are braving the Giant Swing! Soon we will be swapping over to our second activities, Canoeing and Night Line!


We have been very busy. We have met our leaders, been to our rooms, made our beds and sorting our kit bags and we are now on our way to our first activities.


Almost at the castle. Tamara and Charlotte won the "who can spot the castle first" game. 


Final checks have been made and all our things have been packed on to the minibuses. We have set off and will be at Robinwood soon!


We are all here and very excited, saying our final goodbyes before we depart for our Robinwood adventure!

Times Tables

Suggested clothing list

  • 3 T-shirts
  • 3 Sweatshirts / tops
  • 3 Pairs of trousers
  • 1 Pair of shorts
  • 6 Sets of underwear
  • 6 Pairs of socks
  • 1 Pair of trainers (indoor use)
  • 1 Pair of outdoor shoes/boots
  • 2 Towels
  • 1 Coat (if required for the journey)
  • 1 Warm hat
  • 1 Set of nightwear
  • 1 Bag of toiletries