11th & 12th March


THURsday 12th March

Last part of the journey. We have left the services now and are heading back to school. Our drivers are telling us we will be back at school at 9pm.
We are looking forward to seeing you all and telling you all about our wonderful trip. Please can you not park opposite the school main entrance, so the coach can get to the front of school please. Avoid parking on Chapel Road please.

Eating our McDonalds at Norton Canes.

We have had a snack on the coach to keep us going till our McDs. We got stuck in a bit of traffic, but all good now. We have watched ‘Sing’ and ‘Home’ on the coach DVD.

We are all back on coach and heading towards motorway. We have had a brill time and feel worn out.
Traffic is busy but moving. Keep an eye on the blog for the time we are due home please. Can’t wait to see you all.


Us coming out of the end of the tube.


We are at the slide now and some of us are looking at the views and the rest of us are braving the slide.


We are on the coach again. Heading to our last London stop - Orbital.


Eating our packed lunch on the Royal Docks.


We are on the Emirates Airline cable car travelling over the Thames. We can see for miles.


We have seen the Shard, Tower Bridge, monument, St Paul’s, Tower of London and loads more.


On the Thames clipper heading to the O2. Speeding towards the famous landmarks.


Our two pods coming down to land. We had an amazing flight.


All on the London Eye now. We are in two pods. It travels really slow so you can take in all the views. It is a lovely sunny clear day, so we can see all the way to Wembley stadium.


They are letting us on the London Eye  and it is very high and exciting.


Just arrived at Eye. Been souvenir shopping and eye flight at 11am.


Outside Buckingham Palace.

Let’s of posh dressed people as awards day. Police guard let us stand near gates. Queen is in as royal standard flying. Prince Charles coming to do awards.


All on the coach again now heading off to Buckingham Palace.



Getting all our stuff together to set off on day 2. Checking out.


Having breakfast, cereal, toast, jam, lots of choice.


Girls 1 room all awake and chatting. Lots of bed hair and sleepy eyes.


Everyone is awake but quietly chatting until time to start getting ready. 

Got earlier brek this morn, so heading down about 7.30am.

We all had a great nights sleep. All asleep by 9.45pm.


 All staff asleep by 9.46pm!


Breaking news in the girl’s dorm - Flo lost a tooth yesterday, but she wasn’t sure if the fairies came to London, but it seems they do!! She got the London weighting allowance of £2!



Wednesday 11th March


We are all back in our rooms now with our teachers. We are changing into our PJs and having some games and chat before we settle down. We have a special job to do and then we will start to get ready for bed properly. We are all OK and very tired. Had an exciting day and looking forward to more fun tomorrow. Goodnight to everyone.


Dining room is very posh. We had choice of chicken curry, rice, salad, turkey, cheese and brownie for dessert. All yummy.


We are back in our rooms chilling until time for evening meal. We have had a brill day and are feeling very tired. We have got the sand out of our shoes and Miss DaCosta says it is like being on the beach in Barbados.


Last run around before we leave the NHM. We think the teachers are trying to tire us out!


Meeting the TRex, real size, life like.


Experiencing an earthquake in the NHM.


Creepy crawly room at the NHM.


Outside the hotel after checking in. Heading off to Natural History Museum now


Having our induction talk and checking in to the hotel.


All back on the coach. Off to check in to hotel now.



Playing on Diana’s playground. There are some amazing things to play on. Weather is still nice.


At Kensington Gardens eating our packed lunch. Weather is beautiful and sunny.


Back on the coach and off to the park now.


Star Wars room. Spot the difference.


Riding the Spirit of London taxi ride.


In the rock and roll/ pop room.


We loved the Royal and World Leader room.


King Kong


World Champ AJ


Sports star room.


Steven Spielberg.

Shrek and tinkerbell


Hunger games.

ET phone home.


Rubbing shoulders with the stars in Madame Tussaud’s.

Can you spot the celebs??


Arrived at Madame Tussaud’s.


On coach on outskirts of London. Still ok traffic. We are busy colouring and chatting. Madame Tussaud’s is first stop.


Back on coach now. Watching rest of Paddington, seeing all the tourist sights in London.



Just having snack at Corley services. Teachers having much needed Starbucks, extra shot.

We have all been having great fun and chatting about what we are looking forward to. Watched half of Paddington on dvd too.


Hardly any traffic on the motorways so at Birmingham now. Stopping at about 8am for our snack at Corley.



We are all on the coach heading down the M6 and Ms DaCosta has asked us what we are looking forward to doing or seeing in London.


Miss DaCosta is looking forward to seeing Jose Mourihno at Madame Tussaud’s.

I’ve got my fingers crossed the cable car is working and soooo excited about the orbital slide. Mrs Degg

I’m looking forward to London Eye. Kaya

I’m looking forward to the London eye. Brady                                                  

I’m looking forward to seeing the museum. Elliott

I’m looking forward to the orbital slide and bed. Austin

I am looking forward to the hotel and the orbital slide. Mae

I am looking forward to the Ferris wheel. Riley

I am looking forward to the London eye. Joseph

I am looking forward to seeing the museum and Madame Tussaud’s. Alfie

I am looking forward to going on the epic slide. Jacob

I am looking forward to go on the London eye and seeing Buckingham palace. Matia 

I am excited to go on the cable cars and the orbital slide. Mrs Aitken

I am looking forward to go on the orbital slide. Harrison

I am looking forward to go on the London eye. Caleb

I am really looking forward to conquering my fears on the cables cars. Miss Walsh

I am looking forward to go on the orbital slide and see the hotel rooms. Maya I

I am looking forward to the Ferris wheel. Katie

I am looking forward to the orbital slide. Maya W

I am looking forward to orbital slide and the museum. Poppy

I am looking forward to the London eye. Sofia

I am looking forward to the boat ride. Lexi

I am looking forward to going on the the London eye and the boat ride, well everything. Charlotte

I am looking forward to going in the orbital slide. Florence

I am looking forward to going on the slide. Lilly

I am looking forward to seeing the London eye. Sophie

I’m looking forward to get away from my brothers and go on the boat ride. Lacie

I’m looking forward to going on the cable cars this year. Mrs Ryding



Off we go, we are all seated and excited about our trip. Our drivers are Chris and Martin. Miss Da Costa says that is easy to remember because of Coldplay!

 More blog to follow when we stop for a snack.