6th & 7th March


All back on the coach again and have set off for the last part of our journey. Our estimated time of arrival back at school is 8.45pm. PLEASE DO NOT park outside the main school entrance, as the coach will need to pull up there. See you all soon.

Eating our McDonalds at the Toll. 


Going through Northampton now. Roads are quite busy. Heading to North Canes for our McDs tea.


Out of London now. Had snacks and juice on the bus.


All back on the coach safe and sound.

Loved riding the slide and those of us who couldn't went up to the highest floor and walked across a metal open floor. Scary to look down.

So all watching films, reading and playing games on the way home now. Had another fun day.

Keep watching the blog please for our expected time home. Will text too.

Our sliders coming out the end. 

Louie wanted his photo next to the old Olympic stadium. Now West Ham’s football ground


19 of us are able to slide, some of us are a little too small but we are all going up to the top to see the views and watch the sliders. 

Arrived at the Orbital next to the Olympic stadium. All going to the top and seeing who wants to come down the slippery way. 

Really sad news. 
We cannot go on the cable cars as there is too much wind. So had our dinner this side and waiting for coach to come get us.

Just speeding under tower bridge

On the boat now steaming past all the sights. 


Waiting for our Thames Clipper boat to take us to the O2. We will also see all the famous sights along the Thames.


All on 2 pods and starting our journey round the eye.


In the queue waiting for our London Eye pods to come round.

Very excited.


Just arrived at the eye and in the gift shop spending our money.


Arrived at Buckingham Palace. The royal standard flag is flying, which means the queen is in. It is awards day today, so lots of people from the new year honours list are arriving to get their award from the queen.

All having breakfast now. Cereal, toast and all sorts of spreads. Juice to drink. Teachers having lots of coffee. 

The girl’s room getting ready for the day ahead. Such a lovely group. 

Thursday 7th March


We are all awake after a good night's sleep. Just chilling and packing our stuff before breakfast about 7.45am. We were all brilliant through the night. Miss Dacosta was very happy. We are not sure if that was because we all slept so well or because Utd won!!


We are all in our rooms and settled.All very tired so should be asleep very soon. Fingers crossed! We have had a brilliant day.

Happy Birthday Aiden. We are all enjoying some lovely chocolate cake. Thank you Aiden.

In our rooms now waiting to go down for dinner.

In the Dinosaur part of the museum. About to be eaten by the TRex. 

Finding out about earthquakes in Japan. The supermarket is shaking. 

4.21pm in the Creepy Crawley section in the NHM.

3pm We have checked into our hotel and heading off to the Natural History Museum .


Back on the coach and heading to the hotel now.



Playing on the fantastic park. Loads of equipment. Weather is ok, least not raining. Bit cloudy.


Eating lunch at Diana’s playground before we go play.


Just back on the coach and heading to the park now for a play. Luckily rain has held off.


Mixing with the famous faves at Tussaud’s.


Mrs Degg’s group with No Direction.


On the spirit of London’s taxi ride.


Waiting to go in Madame Tussaud’s.


Just drove past Wembley stadium. Mrs Aitken says where united will be picking up FA cup soon.



Stopped just outside London for last loo stop before guided tour on way in.


We have wrote about what we are really looking forward to ...

Ms DaCosta - being invited in for tea at Buckingham Palace and seeing the sights from the boat.

Mrs Degg - a flight on the London Air Line

Harvey - a ride on the cable cars

Lucas - I am looking forward to the orbital slide

Faiz G - I am looking forward to the orbital slide

Owen - I am looking forward to going on the orbital slide

Harli - I am looking forward to London eye

Alfie - looking forwarrrrd toooooo orbital slidddddddddddddddd

Aiden - London eye ride

Louie H - looking round the museum

Naveen - l am looking forward to the slideeeeeeeeeee!            _

Finley - I'm looking forward to the ssssssssllllllllllliiiiiidddddddeeeeeee

Mrs Aitken - I'm looking forward to the cable cars

Tom - I'm looking forward to seeing the London eye

Nate - I'm looking forward to the orbital sliiiiiiiideeeeeeeee

Chloe - I am looking forward to go on the London eye

Maddison - I looking forward to everything

Miss Walsh - I am looking forward to going on the orbital slide

Charlotte - I am looking forward to the London eye and going under the London Bridge on our boat ride

Tamara - I am looking forward to going on the Orbital slide. 

Brooke - the orbital slide

Melody - I'm looking forward to Madam Tussaud and the orbital slide.

Sophie - the London eye

Isabelle B - I am really looking forward to Madam Tussauds

Demi - I am looking forward to the cable cars

Isobel - I am excited for the orbital slide

Lucy - I am looking forward to The London Eye

Ryan - I am looking forward to the orbital slide

Frankie - I am looking forward to Madam Tussauds

Millie - I am looking forward to Madam Tussauds

Jack J - l am looking forward to the cable car

Mrs Ryding - I am looking forward to going on the cable cars



Back on the coach now and watching ‘Paddington’ on the DVD to help us get ready for things we will see in London.

At Corley services. Done the loo.  Having our brekkie snack now . We are all having fun and the teachers are having a Starbucks to wake up!

Just gone through the toll booth and nearly time to stop for our snack. Ms DaCosta says it is the quickest we have ever got to Birmingham, but not to speak too soon!

All keeping busy on the coach. Drivers putting monsters university on for us to watch soon too.
Some of us are catching up on our sleep too. 
We are all happy and excited now. 

On the M6 now, heading towards Birmingham. 

All getting on board with Joe and Chris our drivers. We are so excited.