Houses of Parliament Blog

18th June 2019


Just arrived back at Warrington. See you all at 7.30pm.

Just finished eating our McDonalds and are now in the taxis heading to Euston. Our train is at 4.57pm


We have walked down Whitehall and saw the cenotaph, Downing Street and Horseguards Parade.


We have had a brilliant surprise. Our MP Barbara Keeley has come to talk to our school council. It is a fantastic opportunity and the council are talking to her about changes they would like in our local area. She is telling us all about her job and how she became our local MP.


We are in our workshop learning all about women getting the vote.


The oldest part of Parliament. This is where the suffragettes chained themselves to statues to get the vote.

This art work was put here to celebrate women getting the vote.


Sat near the queen’s robing room. We have been in the Houses of Parliament and Lords and listened to a debate. We tried to campaign for more money for schools as we saw the deputy minister for education. We were filmed on bbc Parliament too.


Arrived in the Houses of Parliament. We cannot take pictures when in there. So will send more later. House of Lords first.


In the taxis now. Heading towards Westminster. We have 3 taxis.


We are eating our packed lunch on the train. Not long now.



Train only left a few minutes late. We have all got our seats. Ms Da Costa said the teachers were in first class with a free breakfast and the school council were in the back with the luggage. But we are all in nice seats and heading very fast towards London.


Sat on Platform 2 of the station. Waiting for our train.


Just parked the minibus up and now outside Warrington Bank Quay station.

Our train is at 9.22am.