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School Council Survey

Thank you to those of you who completed the School council Survey on your wellbeing, here are the results.

88 children completed the survey

This shows that 40% of you are happy all the time.

54% of you have no worries at school.

72% of you have energy and enjoy life and 95% are proud of yourself always or sometimes.

Civic Centre

On Friday, our school council went to the Civic Centre to have a look inside the council chamber and the mayor's office. First, we asked our local councillors questions about housing and homelessness. Some of our questions were;

Can we build more homeless shelters?
How can we help? What do they need?
Why do we not build more things that people can afford? Why are new houses not affordable?
Why did you build on Chat Moss?
Why are you building more houses but not more schools/doctors/shops?

We watched a short video about homelessness. It was very interesting. After a snack, we went into the mayor's office where we saw the mace and gifts that have been given to the mayor. We had a great morning and came home with some gifts from the council.