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Please click on these flyers to find out all about the fun Salford Summer Reading Challenge and instructions on how to make your own school library.  

This will help keep you busy over the Summer break, enjoy!


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Summer 2 - Week Six

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Summer 2 - Week Five

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Summer 2 - Week Four

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Summer 2 - Week Three

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Summer 2 - Week Two

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Summer 2 - Week One

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Daily Challenge
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World War One Work

As part of our World War One work, we studied the artist Paul Nash.  We started by carrying out research about him and his work before focusing on his painting called 'We are making a new world'.  The children then created their own versions using sponges and pieces of wood.  We think they look amazing and there wasn't a paintbrush to be seen so the children all learnt new techniques.

To start off the new half term, we baked a traditional war caked named 'trench cake'.  We talked about the ingredients that were rationed during the war (including eggs) and we then worked to weigh out the ingredients and follow the instructions to make the cake.  The best part was the tasting at the end of the day and some of you may have been lucky enough to get a little bit to try.

The first children in Year 6 have earned their pen licences this week.  We have made them work really hard to prove that they can join their writing consistently and keep it neat and fluent.  We're sure there will be more pens being called into action very soon. 


Art - War Paintings

Year 6 have had a great half term.  We loved sharing our P.S.H.E work; our light work and our work on World War One.  The best part of our half term came in the final week when we got the chance to create our own war paintings based on Paul Nash's painting, 'We are making a new world'.  There was not a paintbrush in sight as we used sponges, pieces of wood and our fingers to create our stunning interpretations of the picture.  We are very proud of the work we have produced.  Next half term we will be moving on to looking at how World War Two started and we will be learning about key facts and dates from that period of history.