Year 6 - Mrs Davenport & Mrs Banks


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Fair Trade

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A Heart Pumping Adventure


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This half term Year 6 have been learning all about how their bodies work: we have written in role as a red blood cell to describe how the circulatory system works; we have found out how our digestive system works as well as producing posters for younger children about how to have a healthy lifestyle. As part of our geography and English work we have found out the different effects that climate change is having on people’s lives around the world. We wrote balanced arguments about the rising temperatures in Greenland.
In maths we have started our revision work by playing “teachers”. In groups, we solved reasoning problems before explaining to the rest of the class how we did them.

A Bug's Life


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The children in Year 6 have really enjoyed their ‘It’s a Bug’s Life’ topic this half term. We started off the topic by planning and making a class by hotel which now sits outside our classroom. We produced some excellent persuasive writing to attract bugs to our hotel and in science we learned about how different animals are classified. We have also been learning about National Parks both in the Uk and also in America.

Letters From The Lighthouse

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To finish off our work about World War One and Two, we recently visited the Imperial War Museum where we became undercover spies for the 'Ministry of Memory'. 


We had to find out why it is so important that we remember war (we had to wear headphones so we could receive secret missions and carry them out without anyone noticing). 


We also worked in groups to find out about The Blitz using the information and artefacts in the museum and finally, we were able to visit the special exhibit 'Lest We Forget'.

Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye

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This half term, our topic has been 'Wish me luck as you wave me good bye'.  We have been learning all about what life was like in World War One including how the war started and what life was like in the trenches.  We have studied two very different picture books in English called 'One Boy's War' and 'FArTHER'.  We have produced some excellent work from studying these texts including letters from soldiers explaining to loved ones what life in the trenches was like.  



In Science, we have been learning about light and for one of our investigations we made our own telescopes to look at how light travels.  We found out how the soldiers in the trenches used them during the war to keep watch for oncoming soldiers.  We also showed what super bakers we are when we made World War One trench cake. We worked well in groups to weigh out all the ingredients and follow the instructions of how to make it.  Most of us enjoyed eating the cake the most and we even wanted to take extra home with us.  

We are looking forward to next half term when we will be moving on to learn about World War Two.