Year 6 - Mrs Davenport & Miss Hopley


Long Term Plan: Long Term Plan Y6.doc

Year Group Expectations: Parent Leaflet - Year 6.docx


Sloths That Samba

Topic Letter: Y6 Topic Letter - Sloths That Samba.docx

Knowledge Planners: Y6 IEPS Knowledge Planner Geography & Y6 IEPS Knowledge Planner Science



The Land Of Sand

Topic Letter: Year 6 Topic Letter The Land of Sand.docx

Knowledge Planners: Geography - Deserts.docx & Science - Animals Including Humans.docx


 Year 6 Holiday Homework - The Land of Sand.docxDownload
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Year 6 have enjoyed studying the World Wars this term. We have completed our topic by celebrating a VE themed activity day in class. Thank you for sending in pictures and stories of relatives in the war. 




We have been excellent Scientists this term learning all about electricity and  we even made our own circuits. 

Please note that the work being put on the class webpages for the class bubbles meets the DFE guidance on ‘providing work for pupils who are at home which matches what they would do if they were in school’. I totally understand that it may not be possible for every parent/carer to deliver this amount of home learning. It is not statutory, so whatever you manage to do is fine, we just wanted to provide the full range as directed.

Please just complete what you can and feel free to email any examples of their work to school. We can share this on their class webpage to show home learning.

Send to

Advice would be to balance the subject areas over the week, so your child keeps up with some maths, spelling, writing, reading, topic etc. Email the school with any specific questions, and the teacher will respond to you. Teachers can help when they make their weekly check in telephone call too.

Home Learning for Year 6

Tuesday 24th November

 Autumn 2 Isolation Work.docxDownload
 Fractions - Learning From Home Maths Workbook.pdfDownload
 T2-E-2358-Year-6-Autumn-Term-2-SPaG-Activity-Mats - Mat 2.pdfDownload
 T2-E-2358-Year-6-Autumn-Term-2-SPaG-Activity-Mats - Mat 3.pdfDownload
 T2-E-2358-Year-6-Autumn-Term-2-SPaG-Activity-Mats - Mat 4.pdfDownload
 T2-E-2358-Year-6-Autumn-Term-2-SPaG-Activity-Mats - Mat 5.pdfDownload
 T2-E-2358-Year-6-Autumn-Term-2-SPaG-Activity-Mats - Mat 6.pdfDownload
 Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 1.pdfDownload
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Friday 20th November

 Friday 20th November Y6 Home Learning.docxDownload
 Friday Y6 Alternative Grammar Activity.pdfDownload
 Friday Y6 Grammar Activity.pdfDownload
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Thursday 19th November

 Thursday 19th November Y6 Home Learning.docxDownload
 Thursday Y6 Alternative English.docxDownload
 Thursday Y6 Alternative Maths.pdfDownload
 Thursday Y6 Dreams of Freedom Resource.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 18th November

 Wednesday 18th November Y6 Home Learning.docxDownload
 Wednesday Y6 Alternative Grammar Activity.docxDownload
 Wednesday Y6 Alternative Maths.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Y6 Alternative Rose Blanche activitiy.docxDownload
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Tuesday 17th NOVEMBER

 Tuesday 17th November Y6 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Tuesday Y6 Home Learning Air raid shelters powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Tuesday Y6 Home Learning Design Planning Sheet ks2.docxDownload
 Tuesday Y6 Home Learning Reading Alternative WW1.docxDownload
 17.11 Rose Blanche 1.docxDownload
 17.11 Rose Blanche 2.docxDownload
 17.11 Rose Blanche 3.docxDownload
 17.11 Rose Blanche 4.docxDownload
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Monday 16th NOVEMBER

 Monday 16th November Y6 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Monday Grammar 1 ANSWERS.docxDownload
 Monday Grammar 2 ANSWERS.docxDownload
 Monday Grammar 2 QUESTIONS.docxDownload
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Friday 13th NOVEMBER

 Friday 13th November Y6 Home Learning.docxDownload
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 Thursday 12th November Y6 Home Learning.docxDownload
 Suffixes Y6 HOME LEARNING.pptxDownload
 Suffixes Alternative Y6 HOME LEARNING.pdfDownload
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 Wednesday 11th November Y6 Home Learning.docxDownload
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Let's Glow!

Topic Letter: Year 6 Topic Letter Let's Glow.pdf

Knowledge Planner: IEPS Knowledge Planner Science Yr 6 Light.docx  

Slideshow For Puberty Meeting: Year 6 Parents Meeting 2020.pptx

Puberty Letter: Year 6 puberty letter 2020.docx


This term Year 6's topic is Let's Glow. We have been looking at all things light related. As you can see, the children have produced fantastic holiday homework which have been the basis for our English work. The lighthouses are dotted around our new classroom and are guiding us through our first term back.

Year 6 have been investigating light, as you can see from our many light experiments. We have had lots of fun and can now explain reflection, refraction, the colour spectrum and how light travels.

Year 6 made periscopes as a Unique Learning experience. We rounded up our topic of Light which we have all really enjoyed.