Year 5 - Mrs Ryding


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Discovering A Whole New World

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To finish off our Victorian topic we have made our own stockings. Let's hope Santa fills them for us!

Victorian Day

This half term we have been studying the Victorians. Last week, we celebrated with a Victorian Day. 

We dressed up as people from the period. We had lots of fun learning about the artist William Morris.

We tried to create some of his designs in our sketch books before printing them. 

Later on, we learnt that the Christmas cracker was invented during the Victorian era and started to make our own.

Please note that the work being put on the class webpages for the class bubbles meets the DFE guidance on ‘providing work for pupils who are at home which matches what they would do if they were in school’. I totally understand that it may not be possible for every parent/carer to deliver this amount of home learning. It is not statutory, so whatever you manage to do is fine, we just wanted to provide the full range as directed.

Please just complete what you can and feel free to email any examples of their work to school. We can share this on their class webpage to show home learning.

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Advice would be to balance the subject areas over the week, so your child keeps up with some maths, spelling, writing, reading, topic etc. Email the school with any specific questions, and the teacher will respond to you. Teachers can help when they make their weekly check in telephone call too.

Home Learning for Year 5

Wednesday 25th November

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Friday 20th November

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Thursday 19th November

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Wednesday 18th November

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Tuesday 17th NOVEMBER

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Monday 16th NOVEMBER

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Friday 13th NOVEMBER

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In art, we have been using oil pastels. We created a galaxy scene taking inspiration from Deepak. Later in the half term, we​ looked at artist Peter Thorpe and recreated some of his rocket pictures. We hope you like them. 


For golden time this week we went outside and collected ​leaves. We the turned them into works of art. Can you identify what we created?


In science, we have been learning about the moon and how it takes 27.3 days to orbit the Earth. The moon is always there but it doesn't always look that way. We used oreo biscuits to show the different phases of the moon. ​The best bit was eating them at the end!


Year 5 have enjoyed our space topic this half term. We have made our own mobile orrery to show the planets orbiting the sun.