Year 4 - Mrs Ryding


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A Throne Through Time

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Ordsall Hall

This week we had an amazing day at Ordsall Hall. We started the day learning about a Tudor wedding feast; some of us got to dress up as the guests at the wedding, while the rest of us had to be the servants.

We then split into two groups, half of us went into the kitchen and learnt about all the food that was served at a feast.  We tried grinding the herbs and spices to make a sauce in order to flavour the food. It was hard work. We then went upstairs to see where the servants slept. It wasn't a nice place; they didn't even have a bed! 

The other half went into the star chamber, named because there were gold stars on the ceiling. We learnt about the armour that was worn in battle. We also learnt how the rich Tudors went to the toilet! In the ladies bedroom, we made perfume bags that were used to cure diseases and prevent the ladies from smelling. 

We ended the day joining in with different Tudor dances. ‚Äč

We Made Soup

his week Year 4 have been making pottage, a vegetable soup made in the Tudor period. First, we tried a variety of soups on the market and decided on our favourite. We then chose from a selection of vegetables the ones we wanted in our soup. We then had to peel and cut the vegetables before putting them in a pan with water and stock to simmer. After break we got to taste our creations, they were all delicious.