Year 4 - Mrs Ryding


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Shake, Rattle and Roll

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This half term Year 4 have been studying earthquakes. Today we have looking at art work from Nancy Merkle, who paints abstract work using earthquakes as her inspiration. After looking at here work we used her drip idea to create our own versions. First, we used marbling ink to create our background. Once dried, we then used paint to drip across the page and create the cracks in the earth. We had great fun creating our work and we hope you like them. 

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Bolton Museum


On Tuesday 15th January, Year 4 went to Bolton Museum to study the Egyptians.

We started the day making a human timeline to see how far back in history the Ancient Egyptians lived. We found an artefact that was over 5000 years old! 

Next, we learnt all about mummification and saw two real mummified bodies.  We got to hold some artefacts from the time and smell oils that were used to mummify bodies. We also got to be the god Anubis and decide whether Mrs Ryding should go to the afterlife or have her heart eaten by the evil god, Ammut. We were kind and let her pass into the afterlife. We all had a great time.‚Äč


Topic Letter: Year Four Topic Letter Wonderland.pdf


Mad Hatter's Tea Party


This week we enjoyed our Mad Hatter's Tea Party. All the children dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

I'm sure you'll all agree that they all look fantastic. During the day, we designed biscuits that would be appropriate for the Mad Hatter. We had great fun making them. 

Take a look at some of our finished products. 

Rampaging Raiders

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Viking Longboats


This week we had an art day with Miss Hudson. We made viking longboats out of cardboard boxes. First, we had to change the shape of the boxes by adding extra pieces of card. We added a prow, in the shape of a dragon to the front of the boat; this was to scare the enemy. After painting the model, we added a mast, sail and shields around the side. We had a great day and we think they would frighten many Anglo-Saxons!