Year 3 - Miss Smid


Long Term Plan: Long term Plan Y3 19 20.doc

Year Group Expectations: Parent Leaflet - Year 3.docx


Please click on these flyers to find out all about the fun Salford Summer Reading Challenge and instructions on how to make your own school library.  

This will help keep you busy over the Summer break, enjoy!


How to make your own home library.pdf


Finding Books to Read for the Summer Reading Challenge 2020.pdf


Home Learning

Weekly Learning


Summer 2 - Week Six

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Summer 2 - Week Five

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Summer 2 - Week Four

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Summer 2 - Week Three

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Summer 2 - Week Two

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Summer 2 - Week One

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Please click on this word document to read an important letter about teachers and classes from September 2020.

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Daily Challenge
Previous Daily Challenges


Stone Age Day

In Year 3, we had a fabulous Stone Age Day. During this day we made Stone Age houses and even lit our very own fire using flint. 



Pizza Express

As part of our DT, we went to Pizza Express where we all got to make our very own pizza. We talked about the different ingredients and how they go together to make pizza. At the end of the day, we got to take our pizza home. They were delicious!!