Year 3 - Mrs Whitaker


Long Term Plan: Long term Plan Y3.doc

Year Group Expectations: Parent Leaflet - Year 3.docx


Walk Like An Egyptian

Topic Letter: Y3 Topic Letter - Walk Like An Egyptian.docx

Knowledge Planners: Y3 IEPS Knowledge Planner Science & Y3 IEPS Knowledge Planner History


 Year 3 Holiday Homework - Volcanoes.docDownload
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Year 3 had an amazing day enjoying everything Greek! They all dressed up and looked fabulous.

We made Greek soup out of lentils and we all had a taste. Some liked it but some didn’t!


We have also made clay Greek Masks.


Be Your Own Rainbow!

Topic Letter: Year 3 Topic Letter Be Your Own Rainbow!.pdf

  Knowledge Planner: IEPS Knowledge Planner Science Yr 3 LIGHT.docx

Slideshow for Parent PSHEC Meeting: PSHEC Meeting.pptx

Letter Y2 re teaching body parts: pshe letter body partsY2.doc

Rainbow Day Letter: Rainbow Day.doc



Year 3 had an amazing Rainbow Day!


We all dressed up in bright colours and we all looked amazing.

During the day, we learnt about the rainbow colours and the saying that helps you remember. We wrote rainbow poems and had a competition to see who wrote the best one!

Then we experimented with creating our own rainbows.  It was difficult to cut out a good shape and add the colours. We worked in pairs and used good teamwork!!

After that, we dipped each end in to water and watched in amazement at the growing rainbows!! Finally, we used coloured sweets and warm water to create circular rainbows on a plate!

 The children loved seeing all these fun activities as you can see on their faces!!

Thank you all for the support from home.


Wassily Kandinsky


Year 3 worked very hard on their artwork linked to Wassily Kandinsky.

We used our primary colours and tint work to complete the background. Then we added details in black paint.

Overall, we were practising different brush strokes.


The work is displayed in class and Mrs Whitaker says it is spectacular.

Well done Year 3!


Please note that the work being put on the class webpages for the class bubbles meets the DFE guidance on ‘providing work for pupils who are at home which matches what they would do if they were in school’. I totally understand that it may not be possible for every parent/carer to deliver this amount of home learning. It is not statutory, so whatever you manage to do is fine, we just wanted to provide the full range as directed.

Please just complete what you can and write in the planner anything they manage to do. Advice would be to balance the subject areas over the week, so your child keeps up with some maths, writing, reading, topic etc. Email the school with any specific questions, and the teacher will respond to you. teachers can help when they make their weekly check in call too.


Home Learning for Year 3

Welcome to our learning from home section.

Please find today’s work below. The daily tasks attached range from easier to tricky. Please choose the best one for your child, but remember to face a challenge if feeling brave.

Tuesday 20th October

 Tuesday 20th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Tuesday 20th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Tuesday - Online Communication Y3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
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Monday 19th October

 Monday 19th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Monday 19th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Monday - Reflection Hunt PowerPoint Y3 HOME LEARNING.pptDownload
 Monday - Reflection Hunt Activity Sheet Y3 HOME LEARNING.pdfDownload
 Monday - Mass and Capacity Sheet Y3 HOME LEARNING.pdfDownload
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Friday 16th October

Please send 120 mins developing these challenges and working towards a personal best. Remember the Chief Medical officer recommends that we are active for at least 60 mins a day.

Please enjoy these challenges and get your family involved too.

Friday Personal Challenge Passport PE Y3 HOME LEARNING.docx

 Friday 16th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Friday 16th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Friday - Measure Estimate 1kg Y3 HOME LEARNING.docDownload
 Friday - Halloween Silhouettes Powerpoint Y3 HOME LEARNING.pptxDownload
 Friday - Animal Hand Shadow Display Posters Y3 HOME LEARNING.pdfDownload
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Thursday 15th October

 Thursday 15th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Thursday 15th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Thursday - All About France Activity Sheet Y3 HOME LEARNING.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 14th October

 Wednesday 14th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Wednesday 14th Oct Y3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Wednesday - Using a or an Warmup Y3 HOME LEARNING.pptDownload
 Wednesday - ICT treasure hunt sheet Y3 HOME LEARNING.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 13th October

 Tuesday 13th Oct Year 3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Tuesday 13th Oct Year 3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Y3 HOME LEARNING My Friends.docDownload
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Monday 12th October

 Monday 12th Oct Year 3 HOME LEARNING Group 2.docxDownload
 Monday 12th Oct YEAR 3 HOME LEARNING.docxDownload
 Y3 HOME LEARNING Apostrophes for Possession Warmup.pptDownload
 Y3 HOME LEARNING Translucent, Transparent or Opaque.pptDownload
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