Year 2 - Mrs Whitaker


Long Term Plan: Year Two's Long Term Plan.pdf

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Build A House

Topic Letter: Year 2 Topic Letter Build A House.pdf


World Poem Day


Year 2 really enjoyed World Poem Day.  They worked hard at bringing in their own poems from home, including books, story books and poems they had written out.  We read lots of poems during the day and had a go at writing our own.

Tatton Park Gardens

Year 2 went to Tatton Park gardens, as our topic was The Secret Garden.  We were hoping to see a secret door, ivy covered walls, shoots and hopefully a robin.  We were not disappointed. We had a fabulous morning exploring and spotting lots of things.  We even saw a Manor Hall and a lake that stretched into the distance.

What a wonderful trip!


Year 2 grew cress to see how it would grow and to monitor the different stages.  At the end, we ate it!!  The children either loved it or hated it!!

I Can See A Rainbow

Topic Letter: Year Two Topic Letter I Can See A Rainbow.pdf

Trip Letter: Year Two Trip Letter MOSI.pdf

Museum of Science

and Industry

Year 2 had a fabulous day at The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

We attended a Science show about light and colour.  We had fun seeing how mirrors and optical illusions changed things.

We then explored the investigation area and had a look round the Wheels and Flight section.

It was a brilliant day.

Woodland Wonders

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Welcome Letter: Y2 sept letterwelcome.pdf

Homework Letter: Y2 homework lettery.pdf

Walton Park Gardens


Year 2 went on their trip to Walton Park Gardens in Warrington.  We went to visit the farm there and we saw lots of lovely animals.  Then we went for a woodland walk and all of a sudden, a Gruffalo appeared!

We had our photos taken  with the Gruffalo and then we had a dance.

We had a wonderful day!





Woodland Artwork


Our artwork was looking at collage skills.  We chose our favourite animal and then had a go at doing our collage.


Look at our final artwork!





We have been looking at farming in our topic work and so we decided to make vegetable soup.

We all had a go at peeling and chopping the different vegetables.

When it was cooked we all had a taste.