Year 1 - Mrs Lek & Mrs McMahon


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Please click on these flyers to find out all about the fun Salford Summer Reading Challenge and instructions on how to make your own school library.  

This will help keep you busy over the Summer break, enjoy!


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Home Learning

Weekly Learning


Summer 2 - Week Six

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Summer 2 - Week Five

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Summer 2 - Week Four

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Summer 2 - Week Three

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Summer 2 - Week Two

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Summer 2 - Week One

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Please click on this word document to read an important letter about teachers and classes from September 2020.

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Daily Challenge
Previous Daily Challenges

Bulb Planting at Linear Park 

Year One were happy to help the community planting Bluebells at Linear park. We discussed what the bulbs look like, and how long they will take to grow. We worked together to create holes to plant the bulbs in. 


Year One have an exciting November planned, visiting the Cycling Centre. The children have opportunity to develop confidence and ability in riding the balance bikes. We have begun to explore the track and even test some of the small bumps


Bring Yer Wellies

The highlight of this week has to be our fantastic trip to Bring Yer Wellies. We had such a lovely warm welcome from our hosts, Mellisa and Nigel, and of course we must not forget Ricky and Barney, the resident horses at Bring Yer Wellies.

We got to play on a beach in a greenhouse We had so much fun investigating and learning about the conditions required for plants to grow: water, soil and air. We loved smelling the selection of herbs. We had a brilliant time learning how to correctly plant thyme and peppermint at the potting benches. We have all taken our herbs home to grow and add ‘just enough’ water to allow the herbs to grow well. Fingers crossed all the children in Year 1 will have an impressive pot of mint leaves by January! Please remember to keep the pots indoors.

We then learnt about how important good soil is for growing. We looked at a working Womery. We discovered that worms actually do not like fresh vegetable waste. They like to eat the waste food after it has started to rot! We found out that the natural action of the worms converts the ordinary kitchen waste into a rich organic compost.

After lunch we had an amazing time den building in the woodland. We certainly developed our team building skills.

The staff at Bring Yer Wellies commented on how well Year 1 behaved and what a credit they are to the school. We will definitely be returning again next year. Thank-you for such a fantastic trip.

st Johns Church Garden

Year 1 had such a lovely afternoon identifying trees in St John’s Church garden. There are some fantastic nature detectives in Year 1. The children were very quick to match the leaves on the trees to the named trees on the Tree Identification Sheet. We can now identify the following trees:

Ash Tree

Beech Tree

Oak Tree

Silver Birch Tree

Holly Tree

Conifer Tree

We know that acorns are found on Oak Trees. The impressive magnificent tree on the corner of Vicarage Road and Liverpool Road is a Beech Tree. Year 1 have learnt so much about trees. Well Done Year 1!