Reception - Mrs Millington

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Walking Through The Jungle

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Fantasy And Adventure

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Off To The Moon

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Please note that the work being put on the class webpages for the class bubbles meets the DFE guidance on ‘providing work for pupils who are at home which matches what they would do if they were in school’. I totally understand that it may not be possible for every parent/carer to deliver this amount of home learning. It is not statutory, so whatever you manage to do is fine, we just wanted to provide the full range as directed.

Please just complete what you can and feel free to email any examples of their work to school for us to add to the Famly app. We can share all the lovely learning going on at home with each other.

Send to

Advice would be to balance the subject areas over the week, so your child keeps up with some number, phonics, writing, reading, topic etc. Email the school with any specific questions, and the teacher will respond to you. Teachers can help when they make their weekly check in telephone call too.

Home Learning for Reception

Friday 18th December

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Thursday 17th December

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Wednesday 16th December

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Tuesday 15th December

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Monday 14th December

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Friday 11th December

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Healthy Me!

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Reception have really been enjoying PE. They have been working on developing their ball skills with Mr Scrutton.

Mrs Millington covered this weeks PE for Mr Scrutton. Thank goodness it was a lovely sunny day haha!!!


There was a HUGE puddle in the Early Years garden. The children really wanted to play in it. However we did not have enough wellies boo!!! So we decided to develop our mathematical knowledge and had a floating and sinking activity in it instead. The children had to make predictions about objects they had collected from the classroom and then throw their object in the puddle to see if their prediction was correct. The children had great fun and only got a little bit wet!!!!


In class we read the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. We talked about how the characters had to pull really hard to get the turnip out of the ground. We went outside, and with a partner we worked out how we could pull and push the vehicles. We used ropes to help us pull the vehicles. It was much harder to do if our partner was sat on the vehicle. Then we worked together to push the vehicles. It was great fun!!!


We made fruit kebabs and did some vegetable printing!


We have been so busy over the last few weeks in Reception. Our topic has been 'Healthy me'. We have read the stories Oliver's vegetables, Handa's Surprise, Elmer and The Enormous Turnip. In English we have sequenced stories, completed a rhyming string, used our phonic knowledge to write initial sounds and CVC words and we have written a list of characters from a story. In Maths we have been counting one to one and finding the correct numeral, learning all about the number 10, we printed 10 shapes in the workshop. We have been using a number line to find one more than a given number and completed lots of 'one more' than activities, continuing a repeating pattern and looking at different patterns like the elephants from Elmer. We have made fruit kebabs and we have been vegetable printing in the workshop. 

Each week the children have different challenges to complete. This week the children are counting 1-10 with Cheerios, developing their cutting skills to make their own Mr Potato head, attempting to match a simple sentence to a picture and building a tower with multilink then adding one more. We have also been to the ICT suite using the computers and the iPads. Wow I am not sure we can fit much more in this half term. The next two weeks we will be having fun with Halloween activities and stories!!