Nursery - Mrs Millington

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Into The Woods

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Fine Motor Skills

In Nursery we are always working on developing our fine motor skills. Here are some of the activities that we have been doing.


Exploring Ice

In Nursery we have been exploring ice. We made ice balls using balloons, we filled the balloons with water and put in some different toys and resources. We talked about how we can make ice and where else we could find ice. The children said that the ice made their hands feel cold and wet. The children soon realised that their warm hands were melting the ice and that is how they would be able to get the toys out of the ice. The children and lots of fun with this science activity.


Autumn Walk

Nursery went for an Autumn walk to Princes Park. We went on the school mini bus. The children were very excited! When we got to the park we went for an Autumn walk and we found lots and lots of leaves. We talked about the different colours of the leaves, the different shapes and the different sizes. The children tried to catch the leaves as they were falling off the trees. We collected lots of leaves to bring back to school. As a treat after the walk the children went on the park. All of the children we wonderfully behaved and really enjoyed their first trip.


Who Am I?

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