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Please note that the work being put on the class webpages for the class bubbles meets the DFE guidance on ‘providing work for pupils who are at home which matches what they would do if they were in school’. I totally understand that it may not be possible for every parent/carer to deliver this amount of home learning. It is not statutory, so whatever you manage to do is fine, we just wanted to provide the full range as directed.

Please just complete what you can and feel free to email any examples of their work to school. We can share this on their class webpage to show home learning.

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Advice would be to balance the subject areas over the week, so your child keeps up with some maths, spelling, writing, reading, topic etc. Email the school with any specific questions, and the teacher will respond to you. Teachers can help when they make their weekly check in telephone call too.

Home Learning For Language Resource


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Wednesday 25th November

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Tuesday 24th November

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Monday 23rd November

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Friday 20th November

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Thursday 19th November

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Wednesday 18th November

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Tuesday 17th NOVEMBER

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Monday 16th NOVEMBER

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Big Bad Owl

Topic Letter: Reception Topic Letter Healthy Me.pdf




In art, we have created owls in a variety of ways, first of all we weaved paper to make different patterns on owls then we mixed brown paint to use in our observational paintings of owls. Finally we created owls using clay, we then painted and varnished them to make them shiny. We also looked at the work of artist Angela Lewin, she paints and prints pictures. We used her work 'cone' as inspiration to recreate our own pinecone pictures using celery dipped in paint to print with. We hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful art work.


French Day

We had a busy French day learning a few French phrases. We practised saying hello "Bonjour" and Mrs Barlow asked us the question "Comment t'appelles tu? which means what is your name? we practised replying with "Je m'appelle..."

We listened to a French nursery rhyme called Freres Jacques, the song in English is called Brother John. 

We really enjoyed tasting croissants which are a popular French food.‚Äč

The Language Resource children have settled back exceptionally well into school life.  


This half term we have been reading Big Bad Owl and Owl Babies and finding out facts about Owls.

We are learning to segment and blend sounds together in our reading and we are answering who, what, where and when questions about stories read to us.  


In Maths we have been learning to add numbers together.  We are counting in ones up to 20 and backwards and in steps of ten to 120 and backwards.  


Please continue to read nightly with your child and complete any homework activities.


New IEPs will be written over the half term break and a copy will be sent home during the first week back in November.