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Please click on these flyers to find out all about the fun Salford Summer Reading Challenge and instructions on how to make your own school library.  

This will help keep you busy over the Summer break, enjoy!


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Finding Books to Read for the Summer Reading Challenge 2020.pdf



Weekly Learning


Summer 2 - Week Six

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Summer 2 - Week Five

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Summer 2 - Week Four

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Summer 2 - Week Three

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Summer 2 - Week Two

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Summer 2 - Week One

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Daily Challenge

Each child has a pack of activities which they will be bringing home containing things they can do to work towards their targets.  They will also be given extra reading books and comprehension sheets (if applicable) On top of this the following are good websites to look at with your child: - This has lots of phonic games which are fun and interactive.​   - This has lots of interactive maths games which are also tablet friendly.  Try the 3 -5 years tab for reception age children and the 5 -7 years tab for the children in Y1 / 2.​ - 1 audio book of his published for free at 11am each day

The following link has daily maths lesson ideas which are fun and linked to our maths curriculum.​  Please look at the age appropriate lesson ideas as well as the class below your child,s current year group.

Your child's new IEP with their current targets was sent home in the planner recently.  Any activities you could do at home based around these targets would really help your child's learning too.

Also please look at the mainstream class web pages for ideas and activities.


Geography - top tips to help your child be a brilliant geographer.pdf

KS1 Oddizzi World Explorers Places.pdf


KS1 Oddizzi World Explorers - Weather and Climate KS1.pdf


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Previous Daily Challenges

Oliver's Vegetables

We have been reading the book 'Oliver's Vegetables'. We have been learning the names of different vegetables and where they grow. Today we made vegetable soup. We carefully chopped up the vegetables and put them in a pan with water and a stock cube. Then we carefully heated the soup on the oven.  We thought of adjectives to describe each vegetable. We thought the soup was nice.



Birthday cake!

We had a little party in class to celebrate Niko's birthday! Thank you to Niko's Mum for providing cake and party hats for the whole class.



Oliver's Fruit Salad

We have been reading the book 'Oliver's fruit salad'. We have been learning the names  of different fruit and where they grow. Today we made a fruit salad. We carefully chopped up the fruit and put it into a bowl. We tasted each fruit along the way. We mixed the fruit in the bowl with some juice. We thought of adjectives to describe each fruit and we thought our fruit salad looked very colourful and tasted yummy! We took some fruit salad home in a pot.

Gulliver's World

On Thursday 19th Dec LRP visited Gulliver's World in Warrington for our Christmas trip. On our arrival we boarded a train which took us to Santa's Grotto. We walked around the Grotto and met Father Christmas. We then chose a present each out of Santa's shop. We then had a walk around the park.  We went on some of the park rides. Following lunch we went on some more rides. Our favourite was the horse carousel. We also watched a show where we met a polar bear. 

When we visited the magical castle we met Elsa from Frozen. She made it snow! We all enjoyed playing and dancing in the snow storm.

We had a magical day and we can't wait for our next trip in the new year.

Walton Park

We visited Walton Park for our trip this half term.

When we arrived we visited The Children's Zoo.  We saw lots of different animals.  Some of our favourites were the goats, alpacas, donkeys and rabbits.  We also saw lots of different types of birds.  The chickens and peacocks wandered around very close to us.  We brought some large peacock feathers back to school with us.  

We walked around the woodland habitat and saw squirrels and birds.    In the woodland we looked at the different trees.  Some of the trees we saw were deciduous and others were evergreen. We also saw some micro habitats whilst we were there too.

​We collected some of the deciduous leaves and brought them back to school.  We are going to make some leaf owls to show in our harvest assembly.

After our picnic lunch we played in the park on the swings and climbing frame and we finished off our day with a yummy ice - cream.  

We all had a great day.