Last update: 2020-05-18

MUGA Pitch Updates


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Irlam Endowed Primary School Muga Pitch.

IEPS have been raising funds for the last 2-3 years to try and build a space to increase the PE and school sports opportunities. After securing multiple donations from different funding opportunities we have been able to purchase and build a 540m² Astroturf Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). The facility will be a fantastic space that can be used all year round regardless of the weather.

The build has started:


Day 1: The Pitch is Marked and dug out.


Day 2: The pitch is now levelled off and the drainage and other materials have been delivered.


Day 3: The drainage has been laid and the core stone is about to go in.


Day 4: They have put the initial membrane in and are now spreading the rubble core. They will spend a lot of time now making sure this is level before putting the next layer (sand) on. Chris and Dan think the job will be three weeks total as they are getting on with it really well.


Day 5: Final core has been laid and compacted. The pitch is almost level. The final layer of sound will  make it perfect before the grass goes on.


The sides are all dug out and ready for concrete edges. Concrete edges are longer lasting than wood edges and will ensure the long life of the MUGA.


The concrete is put into the trenches.


This laser levelling device has been used to make sure the pitch is level.



Concrete arrived whilst I was there today.



Day 6:



New position for the post.



The edgings are in. Concrete was a better option than wood to ensure longevity of the project.



The pitch is ready for its final sub layer of sand. It has been fully levelled.





Day 7: We are at a stage where big differences won’t be seen until the preparation stages are complete. Today the stones are being compacted further.



Sand will be delivered today and will also be compacted in. Here the post which has been cemented into its new position.



Day 8: Final layer of sand is delivered.


This final layer will provide permeability, softer footing and, more importantly, make it perfectly level for the grass.


Making it perfectly level. They will be in Saturday to finish this before the rain comes.




Day 9The sand is almost laid and the pitch is perfectly level.



Almost complete.




Day 10: The under grass core is complete now. It has been levelled, and the final layer of sand has been compacted.




Now the ground work will be sorted around the pitch. The soak away will be finished and the two mounds will be built up.




Day 11: Today will involve sorting out all the soil, and starting to fit the fences. They will be 2 metre fencing throughout the perimeter of the pitch. This is a tasteful green colour.



This is the soak away and will prevent flooding. This has now been filled in and is now safe.


Mr Scrutton is very excited about having this great space ready to teach and use in the community.



The mound that the children were desperate not to loose has been rebuilt. In fact, we have made 2.



Day 12: Today the fences are set into concrete. This is a long job and will take the rest of this week.

The fences are 2 metres high and are green. They are also double fences for longer life.



Day 13: The fences are being concreted into the perimeter of the pitch.

This area will have goals and a fence set back from it. This prevents the need for a gate and possible finger traps for children.


Getting Exciting.




Day 14: Fences are almost complete

Goals are ready to be dropped into the holes.


Fences take a long time to get right.


Day 15: Fences are all complete with the offset fence fitted. The last fence will be fitted on Monday.



This is the last bit.


From the car park side.



Offset entrance to pitch.



Day 16: Preparations are complete. All that’s left is for the AstroTurf to be fitted. Can't wait!

Day 17:  Here the shock pad is rolled out. The AstroTurf will then be delivered and glued down.

The specialist sand will then be placed over the AstroTurf to ensure a safe playing area for children.


Shock pad and AstroTurf will be laid and glued.

The excess shockpad is blown off the surface and it is prepared and ready for the astroturf grass to be placed on top.


Tomorrow, The Astroturf will be glued and the lines will be drawn. The whole project will be complete next week.


Day 18: A very windy weekend meant that the pitch needed laying again on Monday morning.


We would have saved some money if we had opted to install the surface without the shock pad but it provides a kinder footing for the children and a much better surface overall.



An exciting day to see the Astroturf being laid. The process is very similar to how a carpet would be fitted in your front room. Albeit, a much larger, heavier carpet.

Day 19: I arrived today before envirolawn and was excited to see the markings had been fitted.


We have purposely asked for minimal lines due to the need for a surface that will facilitate a wide range of sports. Here we have a half way line.


A shooting, or goal area at both ends. There will be some goals going in but this will be one of the last things to be completed.



The pitch will be completed today and will be ready to use from tomorrow. All we need is some children.

Day 20: Finished with workman coming now at the weekend to do last snags.



Here the sand has been laid. Unfortunately the rain made the surface wet which means the sand will take a bit longer to embed itself into the turf. Ironically, we could do with the weight of a class of children playing on this to help bed it in.


I have had four visits from local community clubs already who would like to use this facility for the local children. This is the start of a fantastic legacy of creating real strong school to club links for many years to come.



Here, my son is doing his bit to bed in the sand. He, like most children at home, is desperate to return to some normality.


Day 21: The MUGA Is now finished. Just waiting on the goals and reseeding to be delivered. Final fence panel is in.


Sand is embedded now and the surface no longer looks like a beach.


Last photos now until the goals arrive.