Irlam Endowed Primary School

At Irlam Endowed, we believe that a creative education allows for children’s creativity and imagination to be stimulated, through a wide range of media, processes, designing and making, performance, composition and listening activities.


Please find our creative policy as a link below.  This will show how we integrate the teaching of music and the other creative subjects into our planning and teaching.

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Planning at Irlam Endowed

At Irlam Endowed, we teach the music National Curriculum objectives using a scheme called ‘Charanga’.  Please see the documents below for the structure and content of the scheme.

In Year 4, children are given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument as part of the music curriculum.  A specialised MAPAS (Music and Performing Arts Service) teacher visits school once a week to teach the whole class.  At present, the children learn to play the violin and are given the opportunity to perform as a whole class at various events.