Term Dates

  School Holidays 2019 - 2020

School Opens: School Closes:
Autumn Monday 2nd  September 2019 Friday 18th  October 2019
Tuesday 29th  October 2019 Friday 20th December 2019
Spring Monday 6th January 2020 Friday 14th February 2020
Tuesday 25th  February 2020 Friday 3rd  April 2020
Summer Monday 20th April 2020 Friday 22nd May 2020
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 Friday 17th  July 2020


Note: school closed for Bank Holiday on Friday 8th May 2020.


School Holidays 2020 - 2021

School Opens: School Closes:
Autumn Tuesday 1st  September 2020 Friday 23rd  October 2020
Tuesday 3rd  November 2020 Friday 18th December 2020
Spring Monday 4th January 2021 Friday 12th February 2021
Tuesday 23rd  February 2021 Wednesday 31st  March 2021
Summer Monday 19th April 2021 Friday 28th May 2021
Wednesday 9th June 2021 Wednesday 21st  July 2021


Note: school closed for Bank Holiday on Monday 3rd May 2021.


Important Dates For Your Diary


9th & 16th—SEN review days

10th—Toddler Group Re-Opens

10th—Deadline for full Robinwood payment

14th—Y5 Robinwood parents meeting (4.30pm)

15th—Y2 Art Morning

20th—Anti-Bullying Week

20th—Y5 to Liverpool Museum

20th—PTA meeting (2.30pm)

21st—Reception Height/weight checks

22nd—Y3 Art Day

22nd—Y5 Sharing Assembly (2.30pm)

23rd—Reception trip to Skipton Castle

24th—School Council to Civic Centre

28th—Y4 to Art Gallery

29th—Y1 Art Morning

29th—Instrument  Concert (2pm)

29th—Y1 Parents Phonics meeting (2.30pm)

29th—KS2 Disco (5-6.30pm)

31st—Choir to Young Voices



5th-7th—Y5 to Robinwood

5th—Y6 Parents Sats meeting (3.15pm)

5th—Y1 Sharing Assembly

6th—EYFS/KS1 French Day

10th—Knowsley Safari visiting Rec & LRP

12th—Y4 Art Day

12th—Y6 parents France meeting (3.30pm)

12th—Y4 parents London meeting (4.30pm)

12th—Reception Sharing Assembly (2.30pm)

13th—Parents Evening 1 (Y1-Y6)

14th—Deadline for Y4 London payments

14th—PTA Dress Up Day (wear red/hearts/non-uniform)



26th—Parents Evening 2 (Y1-Y6)

27th—Y2 Parents SATs meeting (3.15pm)