Irlam Endowed Primary School

Our school is one of three Language Resource Schools in the city of Salford. Some children do not acquire language in the normal way. Some have difficulty expressing themselves, either because they cannot form the words, put them in the correct order or use them at all appropriately. Others have difficulty in both the understanding and expression of language.

Because these children do not learn language as others do, they cannot be taught successfully alongside other children of their own age in mainstream classrooms. They need specialist teaching and intensive speech therapy until such a time as they become competent and confident in the use of language.

Our school is able to cater for up to eight infant children from throughout the city who will spend most of their time in the language resource unit receiving specialist help from the language resource teacher, NNEB and for two days a week from a speech therapist. For some part of the day the children will integrate in the classroom with others of their own age to ensure that they have a broad and balanced curriculum which allows them to develop socially and emotionally alongside other children of their own age.