Year 5, Mrs Banks

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Aesop, The Greek Story Teller

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War of the Worlds

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We have started our work on the planets and the solar system. We used fact cards and planets to sort out the order they are in from the Sun. We found out about their features.


This topic we are reading War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells. We have found out that it is about Martians invading Earth.

Mrs Banks showed us the video of a spaceship flying over school we talked about how we felt about seeing this and it made us ask lots of questions. We began to understand how the characters in the book must have felt when they saw the cylinders for the first time.

We have been investigating the settings in the story.

Our Unique Experience

We will be visiting Jodrell Bank as part of our topic. We will be taking part in a series of experiments to investigate gravity and forces and also how the planets move around the sun.

We will also be visiting the planetarium and seeing the stars and planets as they revolve around us.

The Lovell Telescope is based at Jodrell Bank and we will be able to see the telescope, find out about its history and how it is still used today. We will be looking at some of the images the telescope has recorded.

 Our Class Prayer

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