Year 4, Mrs Ryding

Long Term Plan: Long Term Plan 17-18 Y4.pdf

Year Group Expectations: Parent Leaflet - Year 4.pdf

Unwrapping The Egyptians

Topic Letter: Topic letter egyptians Y4.pdf


Art: Batik

This week, we have an art day with Mrs Clare. We looked at the fabric dyeing technique of batik. 

First we looked at Egyptian patterns and put them into fans, using an art deco style. 

We then transferred our designs, with pencil onto large, white fabric. Next, we poured melted wax over the pencil lines of our design. When this was dry we were able to use batik dye to colour the fabric. The wax resists the dye, leaving the pattern white when it has been ironed off. 

To The Magic Kingdom And Beyond

Welcome Letter: Y4 Welcome.pdf



This half term we have been looking at Florida, one of the states in the United States of America. For our Design Technology work, we have made pretzels. First we added all the ingredients together in a bowl and mixed until they formed a dough. We then kneaded the dough for a few minutes. After leaving the dough to rise we rolled the dough into a sausage. The tricky part was twisting the sausage shape into a pretzel shape. After a quick bath in hot water, we sprinkled them with rock salt. Once baked, we ate them! 

'They tasted salty.' Milly 'They were scrumptious.' Noah


Our Class Prayer

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