Year 4, Miss Smid

Long Term Plan: Long Term Plan 2016-17 Y4.pdf

Around The World

Topic Letter: topic letter around the worldY4.pdf

River Residents

Topic Letter: TOPIC LETTER- RiversY4.pdf

Location, Location, Location!

Topic Letter: London topic letterY4.pdf


We had such an amazing time in London!  We visited Madame Tussuards, Diana’s memorial garden, Natural History Museum, The London Eye,  The Orbital Slide and went on a boat cruise down the River Thames! We were so lucky with the weather it was lovely.


Settlements To Swords

Topic Letter: TOPIC LETTER vikingsY4.pdf

Our Trip To Pizza Express

We went to Pizza Express and all made our own pizzas. We had to knead the dough and add all of the toppings.

Children of the War

Topic Letter: Year 4 topic letter WW2.pdf

Through the Keyhole


Here are 2 examples of the videos we made in science. We learnt about how sound is made and then planned a short educational science programme to share this with others. Mr Evans helped us edit our videos using I-Movie.

Click on a link to view that groups video:

Archer, Sienna, Alfie and William's Video 

Loui, Tom, Abigail and Destiny's Video


Lewis Carroll Centre

For our first class trip of Year 4, we went to the Lewis Carroll Centre in Daresbury. During this trip, we learnt a lot about Lewis Carroll as he was growing up and the kinds of toys he would have played with and activities he enjoyed doing. After this, we then got the chance to dress up as a range of characters from Alice in Wonderland and parade around the church in these. This was great fun, the best part was acting out part of the story in our costumes.


Our Class Prayer

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