Year 4, Mrs Ryding

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Britain's Got Tudors

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This half term we are reading Macbeth. We acted out the story to help us understand the plot. Can you identify the characters from our photographs? 


Ordsall Hall

On Monday, we went to Ordsall hall. We had an amazing day. First, we found out what a Tudor wedding banquet would be like. We dressed up as guests or servants. The servants then put out the plates, wooden for the farmers and silver for the lord and ladies. They then served the food, vegetables for the farmers and a hog roast for the bride and groom. 

Then an upset happened, a penny was stolen! Witnesses saw Miss Dennett take it, so she was put in the stocks. Mrs Ryding was accused and found guilty of poisoning one of the guests and she was boiled in the cooking pot! Corey was executed for treason. 

We then split into two groups, the servants went to work in the kitchen. They collected water using a yoke and ground the herbs and spices. The rest went to the star chamber to see what the bedrooms looked like and to have a bath, in water from the river!

We finished our great day by learning Tudor dances. 


Disaster Strikes!

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Yes, Prime Minister

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Let Battle Commence!

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Trip Letter: trip letterY4.pdf


Tatton Park

Year 4 went to Tatton Park on Thursday 19th January to experience what life was like during the Viking invasion of Britain. We started the day meeting Elsa, who said we needed permission to be on the land of Tatta. We needed to meet him and ask for his permission. Unfortunately, he wasn't there so we did some jobs for Elsa and Tilda while we waited. 

We made clay pots with Elsa, so she had enough to be able to make a trade with the blacksmith from the next village, for 10 bosses and an axe head. She told us all about the different trades and the objects they made during the Viking era. 

We learnt all about bread making and all the other foods that were around at this time in history. We made flat bread but because of the bad weather we were unable to cook them.

During the afternoon, we went into the barn and learnt all about the weapons that were used. We also looked at other ways that the animals of the land were used, including clothing and antlers being used as needles. 

Even though we were wet and cold we all had a wonderful day. 



Unwrapping The Egyptians

Topic Letter: Topic letter egyptians Y4.pdf


Egyptian Day

To complete our 'Unwrapping the Egyptians' Year 4 celebrated with an Egyptian day. We dressed up as Egyptians and made our own collars and bracelets to accessories them.  Miss Nixon even did our make up, to make us look like authentic ancient Egyptians. We all looked amazing.

After break, we tasted foods that they would have eaten during the time. We tasted dates, cheese, peas and bread dipped in honey. 

We also made a 'shaduf,' this is a device that the Egyptians used to take water out of the River Nile. We had a great morning. 


Art: Batik

This week, we have an art day with Mrs Clare. We looked at the fabric dyeing technique of batik. 

First we looked at Egyptian patterns and put them into fans, using an art deco style. 

We then transferred our designs, with pencil onto large, white fabric. Next, we poured melted wax over the pencil lines of our design. When this was dry we were able to use batik dye to colour the fabric. The wax resists the dye, leaving the pattern white when it has been ironed off. 


The finished work.


To The Magic Kingdom And Beyond

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This half term we have been looking at Florida, one of the states in the United States of America. For our Design Technology work, we have made pretzels. First we added all the ingredients together in a bowl and mixed until they formed a dough. We then kneaded the dough for a few minutes. After leaving the dough to rise we rolled the dough into a sausage. The tricky part was twisting the sausage shape into a pretzel shape. After a quick bath in hot water, we sprinkled them with rock salt. Once baked, we ate them! 

'They tasted salty.' Milly 'They were scrumptious.' Noah



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