Year 2, Mrs Ryding

Long Term Plan: Long Term Plan 2016-17 Y2.pdf


A Village On Stilts

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Dunham Massey

On Monday 22nd May, year 2 went to Dunham Massey. We had a fantastic day looking at the plants and trees in the park. We used our senses when exploring the gardens. We felt soft and prickly plants and we listened out to the birds and the breeze in the trees. We were lucky enough to see the handkerchief tree in full bloom, which only happens for a few days each year. 

We used the nature around us to create our own art work, showing trees in different seasons. One of our Spring trees was turned into a winter tree by a roaming deer!

Finally, we used our mapping skills to navigate around the park. It was a jam packed day but one we all thoroughly enjoyed. 

Sharing Assembly

Thank you for everyone who came to our fabulous sharing assembly. This half term we have been learning about Kampong Ayer in Brunei, which is the world's largest water village. We have learnt so much about the village and the differences between their lifestyle and our own. 


The Spirit Of Salford

Topic Letter: topic letter spirit of salfordY2.pdf

Trip Letter: lowry gallery trip letterY2.pdf


Our Trip to The Lowry

Year 2 went to the Lowry on Thursday 9th March. We went to look at some of the paintings by the Salford artist L.S Lowry. First we went in the gallery and observed his paintings. We used our sketch books to draw sections of his paintings. Back in the classroom we turned our sketches into a pop up card. We all worked really hard and had great fun. 

Frozen Planet

Topic Letter: Frozen planet parent letterY2.pdf

Our Trip to Tesco

As part of our science work on keeping healthy, Year 2 went to Tesco to have a look around the store and see what food they have in  stock that keeps us healthy.

We went into the bakery and saw how they make the bread rolls. We found out that they cook the bread at 200 degrees. We also stood in the freezer, it was -20 degrees. We compared this to Antarctica, which at its warmest is -30 degrees. 

We all came home with a pack to see how many fruit and vegetables we eat in a week. Who will eat the most? 

Samuel Pepys Weeps

Topic Letter: Y2 Fire of London.pdf

As part of our topic 'Samuel Pepys Weeps' we have been learning how to write instructions. The Great Fire of London started in the bakery of Thomas Farriner so we decided to learn how to make bread and designed bread fit for the King. 

 First we had to add different flour, salt and bicarbonate of soda into the bowl.

 We added our special ingredient, (garlic, chocolate, raisins or cheese) into the bowl. Each group chose something different. 

 We made a well in the middle of the dry mix.

 Then we poured buttermilk into the bowl and mixed together.

 Once it was roughly into a dough we used our hands to make it into a ball. 

 We split the dough into four and placed them onto a baking tray.

 After they were cooked we got to try our final product.

 No matter which one the King preferred, we thought they were all delicious!

Our Sharing Assembly

On Wednesday 23rd November, we performed our first sharing assembly of the year. Our assembly was all about our current topic 'Samuel Pepys Weeps.' Every one was fabulous and read their lines clearly and confidently. Well done Year 2. 

There's No Place Like Home



Our topic for this half term has been 'There is no place like home.' In Science we have been very busy exploring outside finding different habitats, where animals live. We found out that different animals live in different places.   We also used junk modelling to create our own homes for different animals.



During our literacy lessons we have been studying 'The Wind in the Willows.' We have followed Mr Toad's adventures and re-enacted the court scene after he stole and crashed a racing car. Our judges were very strict! 



On our D T morning with Mrs Clare we designed and created a new racing car for Mr Toad to buy. We had to think about what Mr Toad would be looking for in a new car. We built the frame of the car using a kit. We used a hacksaw carefully to cut the dowel for our axles. We then made a net and decorated the frame. Which car would you buy? 


Our Class Prayer

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