Year 2, Mrs Whitaker

Long Term Plan: Long term Plan 17-18 Y2.pdf

Year Group Expectations: Parent Leaflet - Year 2.pdf


Safari, So Good!

Topic Letter: safari topic letterY2.pdf


The Lady and the Lamp

Topic Letter: florence nightingale topic letterY2.pdf


Amazing Architecture

Topic Letter: houses topic letterY2.pdf

Event: mexican day letterY2.pdf


Mexican Day

Year 2 finished off their Mexican themed story book with a Mexican Day.  The children dressed up in Mexican Themed clothes or by wearing red, green and white like the flag.

The children chose to make a flag and a mask, and then we made Easter Cards with a Mexican theme.

We ended the day by trying out Mexican food.

What an amazing day!


Yours Sincerely

Topic Letter: postmen topic letterY2.pdf

Trip Letter: trip lettery 2 MOSI.pdf


We Plough the Fields and Scatter

Topic Letter: fields and scatter topic letterY2.pdf


Year 2 had a good half term, learning about plants and seeds.  To finish off the half term, we baked bread.  We shaped it into farm animals from the story of Farmer Duck. It tasted delicious!


Nice and Ice

Welcome Letter: Y2 Welcome.pdf

Topic Letter: nice and ice letterY2.pdf

Trip Letter: trip lettery2 tent day.pdf

year 2 spelling words.docx


Mini Tents

After our exciting time in the tent last week, we had a challenge to build mini tents.  We were concentrating on structures and making them stay upright.  Mrs Whitaker thinks they all look marvellous!


Boat Making

We had a go at designing boats that would float and hold a toy penguin.  We had great fun designing and making.  However, some of our designs did not work and the penguin got very wet!  Some boats used a good shape and these were quite successful. 


Tent Day

Year 2 had a Tent Day being Explorers.  We hunted for minibeasts, designed tents and had a picnic in a real tent.

These are some quotes from the children:


We explored the field and we were excited.  Sofia

After that, we went on a minibeast hunt and I found a worm.  Charlotte

Last but not least, we had an A to Z sheet to do, it was very hard.  Maya W

We had the best picnic ever.  Alfie

That was our tent day, it was a very good day  Matia

We had fun today and we want to do it again.  Katie


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