Year 1, Mrs Lek and Mrs Barlow

Long Term Plan: Long Term Plan 17-18 Y1.pdf

Year Group Expectations : Parent Leaflet - Year 1.pdf


The Seaside

Topic Letter: seaside letterY1.pdf

Racetrack: Y1RacetrackbackofletterSeaside.pdf


The Selfish Giant

Topic Letter: selfish giant letterY1.pdf


A Trip Around Irlam

We went on an 'I spy' trip of the local area. We went on the minibus and stopped to look at the different types of  land use in Irlam. We ticked off the places on our sheet as we went along. Finally we stopped at Prince's Park for a play with our friends.


Pet Shop

Topic Letter: pet shop letterY1.pdf

Trip Letter: LetterPetsatHomeY1.pdf


Pets At Home

Year One went on a trip to Pets At Home to investigate how to treat animals with care and sensitivity. We observed the Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Rats playing in their dens. Charlie explained to us the difference between tropical and temperate fish. We decided a temperate fish would be most suitable as a pet as we do not need to keep the water in the tank warm. Charlie advised us to buy two girl fish as they tend not to fight!  We safely transported the fish back to school and transferred them to their fresh clean tank. We drew names from a hat and named the fish Susie and Rainbow.


Hay Stacks

Year One created structures by cutting and joining card together. We used hay and paint to decorate the structures inspired by Monet’s Haystacks. We tried to capture the effects of light when decorating our haystacks.



Topic Letter: toys letterY1.pdf

Racetrack: RacetrackbackoftoysletterY1.pdf


Lyme Park

Year One went on a trip to Lyme Park. We had an exciting time identifying trees in extreme weather conditions. We learnt about the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees. We had fun in the boiler house planting beans. In the afternoon, we learnt so much about toys from different eras of history. We had the opportunity to play in the Nursery at Lyme Park. We loved playing with the old fashioned toys and we had the chance to make our own puppets.


Funny Bones

Topic Letter: FUNNYBONES letterY1.pdf

Trip Letter: LettterDunhamMasseyYear1.pdf


Dunham Massey

Year 1 had a lovely start to the festive season. The children went on a trip to Dunham Massey and were taken back in time to a Victorian Christmas based on Dunham’s past. We were greeted by the footman at Dunham and he explained that we would be dressed as servants for the day because we would be working at the hall. The children were introduced to the butler and the cook in the kitchen and then given jobs to do around the house. Year 1 had so much fun decorating and baking in the house. They made traditional Christmas crackers, pomanders and baked chocolate bread and ginger biscuits.

After lunch we met the gamekeeper at Dunham. He asked the children to investigate who had been poaching the rabbits on the estate. The children were very clever and decided quickly who had been stealing rabbits from the estate.

Thank-you for letting us experience traditional Christmas preparations at Dunham Massey.



This term Yr1 children have been learning to ride BMX’s at the National cycling centre. This is where ‘friend of the school’ and professional Team GB BMX rider ‘Quillian Isidore’ trains. The children use balance bikes (small bikes without pedals) to learn how to balance on two wheels. Once they have mastered this they move onto the humps and bumps to ride like the professionals.

Not only have the children learnt to become more stable on two wheels but they have learnt to be resilient as they have fallen off, dusted themselves off and got back on again. They have conquered any fears they might have had. This should help the children in school to have more confidence when doing their cycling proficiency and riding proper BMXs in Yr6.


Big Bad Owl

Welcome Letter: Y1 Welcome.pdf

Topic Letter: BigBadOwlNewsletterSept2017Year1.pdf


St John's Church Garden

Year 1 had such a lovely afternoon identifying trees in St John’s Church garden. There are some fantastic nature detectives in Year 1. The children were very quick to match the leaves on the trees to the named trees on the Tree Identification Sheet. We can now identify the following trees:

Ash Tree

Beech Tree

Horse Chestnut Tree

Oak Tree

Hawthorn Tree

Silver Birch Tree

Holly Tree

We now know that the correct name for the ‘Conker Tree’ is a Horse Chestnut Tree. This tree is on the corner of Chapel Rd and Vicarage Road. We know that acorns are found on Oak Trees. The impressive magnificent tree on the corner of Vicarage Road and Liverpool Road is a Beech Tree. Year 1 have learnt so much about trees. Well Done Year 1!


Bring Your Wellies

The highlight of this week has to be our fantastic trip to Bring Yer Wellies. We had such a lovely warm welcome from our hosts, Mellisa and Nigel, and of course we must not forget Ricky and Barney, the resident horses at Bring Yer Wellies.

We got to play on a beach in a greenhouse and then learn about Pond Skaters in the wildlife pond. We had so much fun investigating and learning about the conditions required for plants to grow: water, soil and air. We loved smelling the selection of herbs. We had a brilliant time learning how to correctly plant spearmint and peppermint at the potting benches. We have all taken our herbs home to grow and add ‘just enough’ water to allow the herbs to grow well. Fingers crossed all the children in Year 1 will have an impressive pot of mint leaves by January! Please remember to keep the pots indoors.

We then learnt about how important good soil is for growing. We looked at a working Womery. We discovered that worms actually do not like fresh vegetable waste. They like to eat the waste food after it has started to rot! We found out that the natural action of the worms converts the ordinary kitchen waste into a rich organic compost.

We were lucky to have a warm Autumn day for our visit and so we sat and relaxed on the grass by the woodland to eat our lunch. We then recycled our rubbish by organising it into the correct bins.

After lunch we had an amazing time den building in the woodland. We certainly developed our team building skills. I think we have lots of natural leaders in Year 1!

The staff at Bring Yer Wellies commented on how well Year 1 behaved and what a credit they are to the school. We will definitely be returning again next year. Thank-you for such a fantastic trip.

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