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Bon Voyage

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Blackpool Zoo

To finish off our topic on Dinosaurs, we took the children on a trip to Blackpool Zoo. We took the baby dinosaur egg to the Zoo and left it with the zoo keepers to look after until it hatches. The children loved walking around Dinosaur land and could name a lot of the dinosaurs they saw. They were very brave even when they saw the T-Rex!!! The children watched a sea lion show, it was amazing! Once again the children were very well behaved and everyone had a great day.



The nursery children have been playing outside in the glorious sunshine. Lots of learning has been going on!

The children have been experimenting and exploring in the mud kitchen.

They have been writing on the floor using chalk.

The children made keep out posters for the bridge to keep away monsters!

They have been busy building and constructing in the construction area.

The children have loved using the trim trail to practise their balancing skills.

They have been using the giant weighing scales in the sand area to develop their mathematical skills.

And they have most importantly been having fun

Green Fingers

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Our trip to the Library

Nursery have been to visit Irlam library on the school mini buses. When we got there we had a look around the library and found the children’s area. A lovely lady called Heidi read some stories to the children. All of the children loved listening to the stories, they especially liked ‘By the cool of the pool’ where they could join in with all different animal sounds!! The children then had the chance to have a look at the books and chose some to read while we were there. Before we had to go Heidi read one more story and gave the children an application form so they can apply for a library card. If you would like your child to join the library please complete the form and take it in to Irlam library.

The children had a great time and all took a brand new book home called ‘Don’t call me sweet’! From book start books.  

To The Moon And Back

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This half term we have been doing lots of mark making and writing. The children have loved wearing writing belts and finding all kinds of bits of paper to write on. The children have been writing the sounds they know, drawing pictures and writing their own exciting stories about different adventures. The whole class are enjoying writing and have really developed their confidence. Well done Nursery!!!

Windy Day

Nursery and Reception have been enjoying a windy day outside. Nursery made paper aeroplanes and took them outside to see how far they would fly. Drew’s aeroplane flew the furthest!!

The children used ribbons and material to make patterns in the wind and two pieces of material flew up on to the school roof!!!

The children loved being outside in the wind and luckily no one blew away


Out and About

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Post Office

We talked about how a letter gets to our house. The children were full of information about the postman and that the letters come through their letterbox. The children wrote a letter to themselves and put it in an envelope. The children said we needed to put the addresses on and buy a stamp.

So off we went on the school mini buses to the post office. We bought some stamps and the children put them on their own letters. The stamps had snowmen on!!!

The children then posted their letters in the big red post box for the postman to collect.

The children have told me that they have received their letters and they were very excited!!!


Our Autumn Walk

We have been to Princes park for an Autumn walk. We went on the school minibuses, it was very exciting!

We found lots of different kinds of Autumn leaves. We collected brown, red, yellow and orange leaves. We collected small, medium, big leaves and lots of crunchy leaves. We had lots of fun playing in the leaves and throwing them up into the air. We also found a pumpkin and brought it back to school.

Before we had to go the teachers let us play on the park, we had a great time!!!

All of the children were very well behaved. Well done Nursery.

Rhyme Time

We have had a fantastic few weeks in nursery. We have been making lots of new friends and exploring our classroom.

We have been very busy singing nursery rhymes , singing number songs, drawing pictures of ourselves and our families, and making smiley face biscuits.

We love to play outside on the vehicles, the trim trail and getting wet in the water area.

We are all very happy in school and are enjoying every minute!!!


Our Class Prayer

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