Nursery, Mrs Millington

The Jungle

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Smithills Farm

We went to Smithills Farm


Fairy Garden

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In Nursery the children have been developing their balancing skills. The children have been using the apparatus to move across in different ways. The children have practised how to safely jump off the apparatus and how to land safely. The children have listened well and have used the apparatus in the correct way.


Out And About

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St John's Church

We went for a walk to St John’s Church. We walked around the outside of the church and looked at the windows and we saw a fish on the top of the steeple. When we went in Church the Vicar showed us lots of different things like, the lectern, the font, the stained glass windows, the altar and the organ. The children were very excited to learn all about the Church and loved looking at all of the patterned windows. As we left the Vicar rang the bell, this was very exciting!!


Post Office

During our topic ‘Out and About’ we have been learning all about places in Irlam. We have a post office role play area in the classroom. The children have been writing letters to their friends and to themselves. We went to visit the Post Office with our letters to buy some stamps. When we had bought the stamps the children put them on their letters and they posted them in the post box outside. The children are very excited to receive their letters and open them.



Nursery went for a visit to the Library. The lady at the Library read some great stories to the children. The children were then allowed to choose their own books to read. Once again the children were all very well behaved. If you would like your child to join the Library, please fill in the application form and take it back to the Library. Happy reading!!


Ahoy There!

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Puddletown Pirates

Nursery we on a trip to Puddletown Pirates. We went on the school minibuses! The children loved the trip, as they had the whole play area to themselves. The children pretended to be pirates and had such an exciting time. We had our lunch there before heading back to school. The children once again behaved very well and made us all very proud. Well done Nursery!!


Marvellous Me

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Pet Shop

Nursery went to the pet shop to finish off our topic on pets. We went on the school minibuses. When we got there, we looked at the rabbits and guinea pigs. They were very cute.

We saw a dog buying a new coat and lots of Christmas toys for pets.

Finally we bought two fish and we named them Ariel and Batman. However, Batman has since been called to the Bat Cave. The children look feeding the fish and watching her swim.



Nursery and Reception met Santa on Party Day.


This half term the children have been doing lots and lots of writing and mark making. We have been doing dough disco every morning to some of Mrs Millington's favourite tunes (Wham)!! :) We have been developing our gross motor skills by dancing using flipper flappers and developing our fine motor skills by painting with cotton buds and using tweezers to pick up Cheerios. 

The children are loving writing indoors and outdoors. They especially love squiggle while you wiggle, which encourages writing and dancing at the same time. What more could you want!!!!


Smile Day

Nursery and Reception have celebrated World Smile Day today. We talked about what made us smile, spent all day smiling at each other and made smiley face biscuits J

Children laugh (and smile) 300 to 400 times a day - Adults only 17.5!

Some smiling facts:

  • Smiling is contagious...
  • Smiling is like medicine...
  • Smiling is our first facial expression...
  • Forcing yourself to smile when you're sad will actually elevate your mood...
  • Smiling makes you look prettier...
  • Smiling can reduce blood pressure...
  • Smiling is a form of exercise...
  • Employers tend to promote people who smile often…
  • There are 19 different types of smile…
  • It's easier to smile than frown…
  • A smile is a universal sign of happiness…
  • We can detect a smile from miles away…

Give us a smile!!!!


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