Robinwood Y5

Friday 10th February


We have said all of our goodbyes and are on the minibuses ready for home. We are expected to get back at 2:45pm. We have all had an exciting three days but I think we are definitely ready to come home. This will be the last update to the blog, we will see you all soon!


Just finished our last activities. We have been on the giant swing, the zip wire, caving, archery and have just finished the night line. A few children got attacked by those pesky squirrels but they're all alright. We are just sat down for lunch and we're hoping to leave before 2pm. 


We will update the blog when we are sitting off.


Morning! We are up, our beds are stripped and we are in the dining room enjoying our last breakfast here. After this we will we get our stuff together, do a few activities and then we will set off and should be back in Irlam before the end of school.

Thursday 9th February


It's the final lights out for our Robinwood adventure and all the children are tucked away in bed. Good night. 


Playing a few games in team challenge with hot chocolate before bed.


In Trapeze we had some fantastic climbers, Joshua raced to the top and made it look easy! Archery was a lot of fun, Mr Scrutton informs me that he is Robin Hood incarnate.


We have all had our tea and are now getting ready for our next activities. Volcano are going to face the Trapeze and Valley and Desert are doing Archery.


Mrs Banks and Mrs Dennett have both faced their fears this afternoon by overcoming canoeing and caving. We had fun on the water playing games of tag in the canoes (go Graceful Gazelles!) and then participated in the Rocket Olympics. All of Volcano team had a go on the Zip Wire, and Valley and Desert got to have a go at Climbing. 


We've been to the tuck shop and bought our sweets and now we are having a quick lunch break before we go off to our next activities; Canoeing and Giant Swing!


Valley and Desert have been exploring the caves at Robinwood and playing a few rounds of Hide and Seek and Cave Quiddich. Lily-Rose has proven herself to be the queen of cave hide and seek! In our second round of Trapeze, we have been overcoming our fears. Some of us have even been tandem jumping!


This morning Team Volcano tackled the challenge course. They worked and communicated well in pairs to overcome all the obstacles. AJ did a fantastic job of managing to fall off every obstacle! (He's still smiling! What a warrior.) 


Good morning! We are all up, dressed and have had a fantastic breakfast. We have a busy day ahead of us with Caving, the Zip Wire, Archery and the Giant Swing to name a few of the things we'll be up to today.

Wednesday 8th February


All the children are settled in their beds. Good night! 


We are all enjoying our hot chocolate and biscuits. Soon we will be going up to our dorms, getting into our pyjamas and brushing our teeth. We have all had a fantastic first day and can't wait for our activities tomorrow.


We're all back together again after tea and are facing off against each other in our groups for the team challenge. The staff also participated, but there was a bit of rigging involved to we couldn't win (though we would have!). We've played a ping pong game and had a quiz, and also tried to pitch a sale in a dragon's den type contest! After this it will be hot chocolate and bed!


We are all inside in the warm dining hall now enjoying our tea. We have had either pizza and chips or fish fingers. Yum!


Team Valley has been split into Nobles and and Serfs to see who can earn the right to become a knight! We all passed the challenge and are now all knights of the round table.


We've been climbing walls and crates and done loads of cheering on our friends and helping each other with some great teamwork. 


We had lots of fun with our Giant Swing taster, we all had a go, and now we are all just finishing our lunch ready for our next activity!


We have all arrived safely at the Castle. After meeting our group leaders, we are off to our dorms for our first activity: making our beds! At 11:30am we'll be heading to the giant swing.


We're off! See you all on Friday!


We're all in and all ready! Just about to get on the buses and set off for our adventure at Robinwood!


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