London Y4

Thursday 16th March

Just passing through the toll booth. Back at 9.15pm.
First rain we have seen.
Please do not park outside the school gates. The coach needs to park up. 


Just finished our tea at the services. 



We have passed Cambridge and are due to arrive at Norton Canes for our Macdonalds at about 7pm.  We have changed where we are stopping because we have come a different way home out of London.



We are all back on coach again now, and are on our way home. We have had an amazing time and loved every second. See you all later. Keep watching the blog and for texts about expected time back.



Mrs Degg was the last one to come down the slide. Everyone loved it, but it was scary.



Arrived at the Arcelormittal Orbit. Unbelievable views of the Olympic stadium.

We are walking round the platforms and then some of us are braving the slide.




We are back on the coach now, heading to the east, to the Olympic Park.



Just finishing our dinner in Jubilee Gardens near the Eye.



On the Eye, great fun!!!



On the London Eye


Queuing to get on the London Eye, all 135m of it!!!



Seeing amazing sights in London- the Shard, Tower of London, Tower Bridge.



We are on the Thames cruiser now, travelling down the Thames, spotting all the landmarks.



We are hitting the souvenir shops buying ourselves lots of presents.



Arrived at the Eye. Miss Dacosta is getting the tickets, so we are admiring the wonderful Thames view. Can you spot Big Ben?



Royal coach just passed us.



Arrived at Buckingham Palace. The Royal Standard flag is up! This means the queen is in today. Lots of important people arriving. (Mainly us!)



We are all on the coach heading for brekkie with the queen.



All eating breakfast, cereal, toast, Nutella, fruit etc etc. Lovely spread!



All here now!



Some of us are still having our hair done (Miss Smid), but the rest of us are out the front getting some 'fresh' air outside the hotel. Waiting for breakfast / it's at 8am. We have already seen Ray, our driver, he has gone to collect our coach.




Some of us are awake, and half still dreaming, but all safe and sound. Everyone was fast asleep by 9.30pm last night. We were exhausted.

It is very noisy in London, the traffic never stops and you can hear how busy it is. It didn't keep us awake though.

We are going down to breakfast about 7.50am, so we will add more once the day gets properly started.


Wednesday 15th March



Lights out very soon. Night, Night,.second day of fun tomorrow.



We have all had a fantastic meal for tea, chicken nuggets and chocolate cake!

Everyone has had enough to eat.  We are heading back to our rooms to get into our pjs before lights out. Not too early a start tomorrow, and hopefully we are so tired we nod off really quickly.

Fingers crossed says Miss Da Costa.


We are all back in our rooms at the hotel now. We are unpacking and sorting our beds.
Loui's tooth fell out earlier, but he wants to put it under his pillow at home, as he is not convinced that tooth fairies come to hotels!


Seen lots of interesting things at the museum. Playing in their special amphitheatre now. Getting fresh air and tiring us out, Miss Dacosta says.



Face to face with TRex


4.44pm- Spot the Dodo!!!
We are learning about nature  and we have been in a Chinese supermarket that was in an earthquake zone. It rattled and shook and everything fell off the shelves, and the roof fell in!


Exploring the natural history museum. 



Here we are outside the hotel. We are off next door to the NHM.



We have checked into our rooms and are unpacking later.
The rooms are very fancy.



We are back on the coach now and off to our hotel to check in.



We are in the Diana playground, playing on all the different equipment.

The weather is glorious. Sunhat time!



Eating our lunch in Kensington Gardens.



Just left Madame Tussauds and heading for the playground now. We saw a brilliant 3D movie at the end of the waxworks.




We are on the Pride of London taxi ride.



Still spotting the celebs!



Scary!!! The waxworks, not Miss Dacosta!




Arrived at Tussauds and meeting the stars.

We are all excited about our trip, this is what we are looking forward to:


I love the London Thames boat ride. Miss Dacosta

London eye and river Thames Zane

London eye and river Thames Samuel

The giant slide and the Thames boat ride Ellie

The London eye and the huge slide Sienna 

London eye  Isaac

London eye Bailey

I love the London eye and the Thames boat ride Harry

I am looking forward to the  London Eye Cody

London eye Ella

I'm looking forward to the Orbal slide Helen

London eye  Brooke London eye Riley

I can't wait to have a go on the orbit slide. Whoo Hoo Mrs Degg

The London eye and the Thames boat ride oh my goodness Jake

I can not wait to go on the slide and the London eye Archer

I am looking forward to going to the natural history museum and the orbital Miss Walsh

I am looking forward to the London eye Destiny

I am looking forward to seeing the London eye Abigail

I am looking forward to the boat ride Nyal

I am looking forward to ORBITAL the giant slide William

I am looking forward to going to Madame Tussaud Mukhtar

I'm really excited for going to Madden Tussords and the London eye Alfie

I'm really excited for the London Eye and Madden Tussords Tom

I'm really excited for the first time going in the museum Ethan

I'm really excited to go on the orbit slide! Steiven

I am really excited to go to the measuam Erin

I'm really excited for madam to swords Milliejane

I am most excited for the orbital because we didn't go there last year. Miss Smid



Just stopped at Oxford services for our snack. Driver come on M40 as quicker.



We have had a quick loo stop at the services on the toll road. Going to stop again for snack a little further down the road.



Our coach driver is called Ray and he is funny. We are all playing games and reading, keeping busy. We are getting close to Birmingham now.



Despite a delayed start because the driver went to the wrong school, we are now on our way. We are all very excited and we will share what we are looking forward to soon.

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