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Children In Need

This year, Irlam Endowed went spotty for Children In Need.

Professor Brainstorm


On Tuesday 25th April  2017 Professor Brainstorm came to visit Irlam Endowed Primary School.

Year 1 and Year 2 had great fun watching the ‘Magical Science Experience’. We particularly enjoyed the disappearing water trick. The exploding Pringles containers using liquid nitrogen gave us quite a shock too.

‘Professor Brainstorm put liquid into the Pringle pot. The lid popped off and it really made me laugh’. 

Melody Year 2


Year 3 and Year 4 were thrilled to watch the ‘Amazing Sound and Light Show’. The ‘Boomwhackers’ reinforced our learning on sound and pitch from class. We enjoyed learning about optical illusions, especially with Einstein’s face.

‘I liked the sound experiments. Before I watched the show I had made a basic loom band guitar. But after I watched Professor Brainstorm’s experiments I knew how to change the pitch of the strings on my home-made guitar.’

William Year 4


Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed the ‘Fantastic Forces’ show. They were especially pleased to see the famous ‘Tablecloth Trick’ and now know how they can perform this at home. They enjoyed watching the variety of powered rockets, especially the ‘Potato Gun’.

‘I liked how Professor Brainstorm used a tablet to launch a rocket. He added water to a tablet and as they mixed they made a chemical reaction. It produced so much gas that it shot the rocket off’.

Lily-Rose Year 5


After school we invited Nursery and Reception parents and carers to come along and watch the ‘Magical Science Show’ together with their children. We particularly enjoyed watching the effects of immersing bananas and flowers into liquid nitrogen.

 It was lovely to see lots of other examples of fun, science activities that parents and carers can enjoy with their children at home. 

‘It was a fun and enjoyable way to explore science. My son loved getting involved with the sound experiment.’

Parent of a Nursery Child



Young Voices

Our school choir went to the Manchester Young Voices concert last night at the Manchester O2 Arena and performed as part of the largest children’s choir in the world. Here are some photos of our evening. As you can see, we had a fantastic time!

Spotacular Day for Children In Need

On the 18th of November, we left our uniforms at home and we all came to school in spots to raise money for  Children in Need. In class, we completed spotty activities and enjoyed our Pudsey biscuits. In the afternoon, as part of our assembly, we watched clips from the Children in Need website which showed us children who would benefit from the money raised. Thank you for the support and we will let you know soon how much we have raised. 

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