14th & 15th March

Thursday 15th March 2018



Back on the coach now. Due back at school at 8.45pm.

Please don't park anywhere near the front of school as the coach will need to park. See you all soon.



Eating our Macdonalds at the services. Last stop before we head home.



Just getting on the told road, there was a bit of a hold up. Due there for tea at 6.30ish now.



Just passing Milton Keynes. Probably be getting to services for our MacDonald's about 5.30pm. So should be home a little earlier than expected. Keep an eye on the blo and Mrs Siddall will send out a text nearer the time.


We have just left the Olympic  village and are setting off back to Irlam. Please keep an eye on the blog and texts for our estimated time home. 


Enjoying the ride. 


Braving the slide!



We have arrived at the Orbital.


We have met the coach at the O2 and are now heading to the Olympic village. 


We are winding our way down the River Thames. Past all the places the boats used to take cargo. 


The London skyline.


Just sailed under Tower Bridge. 


All on the clipper boat now to the O2. Seeing lots of famous sights. 



Our two Irlam Endowed pods have taken off with all the children excited about their ride.



In the queue to board a flight on the London eye.



Watching the London eye, waiting for our turn.



Spending our money in the souvenir shop.



Arrived at the south bank, stood just in front of the eye.



Outside the Queen’s Gallery, where her art collection is kept. Heading off to the eye now.



Year 4 watching the dignitaries arriving for their medals.



The royal standard is flying which means the queen is at home today.

There is a special awards ceremony on today, with famous and brave people receiving awards. 



Breakfast of fruit, cereal, toast, juice. A lovely feast.



The boys are all up now too.


Girls are up and getting ready for the exciting day ahead. We all slept great, although the city is very noisy at night. 


Wednesday 14th March 2018


We have had our tea and we are now all back in our rooms getting things ready for the morning.
We are going to put on our pyjamas very soon and then settle down ready for lights out about 8.30pm.
We are all feeling tired because we were up early and we have had a busy day. 
We have had a fab day.


We are eating our tea in the restaurant. We had fish and chips, salad, pasta and pink doughnuts. It is really nice. 


The girls have stopped off in the café for a drink. 


Playing a few games outside the museum. Getting some fresh air. 
We saw loads of interesting things in the museum, baby dinosaurs in eggs, a blue whale skeleton, volcanoes, insects and we travelled on an escalator to the centre of the earth!!


In a supermarket, experiencing an earthquake. 


Looking for creepie crawlies that might be in a house!!


Looking at the T. rex


Arriving for a ‘night at the museum’!


Arrived safely at the hotel and settling into our rooms before we head next door to the NHM. 


We are back on the coach heading for the hotel. 

Having lots of fun on Diana’s playground. We can see where Kate and prince William live in a palace Kensington Gardens. Prince Harry lives there with them too. Miss Dacosta says even they can’t afford to have two houses in London! 


Sitting in the picnic area of Diana’s playground eating our packed lunch. 


Just left Tussaud’s.
Getting back on coach to go for our lunch. 


Getting on the pride of London taxi ride. 


Y4 with the leader of the free world. 


Year 4 with One Direction. Mrs Ryding’s favourite. 


Choosing who we want in our group on The Voice. 


What is Mr Scrutton doing here :) 


Visiting no Kong island. 



Photographs with the stars.



just arrived at Madame Tussaud’s. 


We have just come off the motorway and are heading for the city centre now. 
About half hour to Madame Tussaud’s. 


Just on the motorway and watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Well over half way now.



Back on the coach now. Traffic quite busy, but on our way, next stop our capital city of London.


Stopped at Corley services for our snack. 
Enjoying a break, and our teachers are having coffees to wake themselves up. 


We have wrote about the things we are look my forward to. We are all looking forward to our trip to London.
I am looking forward to playing on the pirate ship at Diana's playground. Miss Dacosta.

I am exited about traveling at new places and taking pictures lissy
I'm excited for taking a picture with the blue whale at the history museum Elizabeth
Going to the London eye Anton
Going to London eye FreddieI am looking forward to seeing the London eye Blanka

I am looking forward to seeing the London eye Paige
I am looking forward to go to the London eye Aisla
I am looking forward to seeing the London eye  Layla
I am looking forward to looking at Big Ben  Jamie 
I am looking forward to go on the slide Jakec
 Can't wait to have a go on the mega slide :-) Mrs Degg x
I'm looking forward to a ride on the River Thames. Miss Nixon x
I am looking forward to going to madine to some.Alessia
I'm looking forward to seeing how big London eye is.Sophie
I'm looking forward to the orbital slide Freya
I am looking forward to being with my friends and having fun Milly
I am looking forward to riding the big slide Corey
I am looking forward to seeing the national gallery Noah
I am looking forward to the orbital slide Max 
I am looking forward to riding the London eye Jake O 
Looking forward to going on the slide.:)) Mrs Aitken xx
I am looking forward to the London eye:DD Finn 
I can't wait to go on the London eye!!!!! :) 
I'm looking forward to madams tausaud JUD.
I'm looking forward to going to the museum Emily
The London eye cody
I'm looking forward to going on the London eye Jayden 
I'm looking forward to the London eye Georgia  
I can't wait to go on the London eye and the orbit slide summer xoxo
I'm looking forward to going to the natural history museum, as I have never been before Mrs Ryding


Just stopped for quick toilet break at the M6 toll services. Getting back on coach now, watching a dvd. 


We are all here on time and have just set off. Our drivers are Kevin and Andy. We are all very excited and will tell you soon what we are looking forward to.