Green Team

Eco-Allies is the new ongoing project for the PTA.  We will be supporting the school by improving and maintaining the outdoor areas of the school.  We will be doing this in conjunction with the Eco-Club and with all the children and staff in school. We will run three sessions through the year where we will take part in gardening and maintenance activities around the school.

The school now has a variety of raised beds around school which they are using to grow plants and vegetables, and the children are enjoying using them. The raised beds have given them a variety of learning experiences that they may not otherwise have access to.  It will provide them with a series of cross curricular activities and fit in with the schools developing plan for sustainability.

The members of the PTA will also be donating their time towards the maintenance of these areas and will work alongside the children and staff in school and community groups like the allotment association, youth groups and other volunteers. Keep an eye out for our Green Team events and if you could donate some of your time, come along and help.

 The PTA will fund the annual maintenance of the two twigaloos on the school field.


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