Inter-Schools Sports Competitions

Salford Annuel Rugby League - November 2016

Quicksticks Hockey - November 2016



Irlam and Cadishead Sports Cluster held their second annual Hockey Cluster Competition at Irlam Pool this year. It was a fantastic afternoon of sporting activities. Enjoy the video.


Year 6 Vs. Staff

Yr 6 organised this event and a great time was had by all. Enjoy.


Handball is a new event in the Salford Sports Calendar this year and this completion was a fantastic event. Enjoy the video. 

Gymnastics Fun Day

On Weds 3rd of December, Irlam and Cadishead held their 3rd annual Gymnastics Fun day. Each year the fun day gets better and better and this year we had 130 children which is a 60% increase in participants with all 8 schools in attendance. Special thanks goes to Gill Waring and her Salford Gymnastics team as, without their expertise and equipment, we would not be able to hold such high quality events.

Please enjoy the photo story.



Salford Football League

Irlam Endowed Primary School are involved in the Junior Premier league.

Click here for results and the league table.


Year 2's World Day


Irlam and Cadishead Primary Schools Annual World Sports’ Day. 

Click here to see footage of the day.

Year six at Irlam Endowed have planned and lead this event again this year.

Click here to view the planning of the world day activities.


Quad Kids

June 2014. Monday afternoon at Salford Academy in the blistering heat. IEPS competed in the annual Quad Kids Salford tournament. Enjoy the video.

Click here for our video.

Tennis Salford Final

IEPS took a Year 3 and a Year 4 team to the Salford Finals for tennis this year. Both teams did fantastically coming home with bronze and Gold. They will be in the summer games on July 15th.

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On a cold windy morning at Broughton Park, IEPS Yr3/4 children came back with Gold at the Salford Tri-Golf Festival. This team will represent Salford at the Summer Games on July 15th.

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Cricket Festival

This year’s Irlam and Cadishead cluster competition was a close affair with St Teresa’s winning for the first time. Enjoy the video.

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After winning our cluster, IEPS school represented our cluster in the Salford finals. They won all their games on route to the final and narrowly lost to Lark Hill Primary 2-1.

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Irlam and Cadishead 2nd Gym Funday Festival

On Friday 6th December, nearly 60 children from 4 different schools participated in a gymnastics festival. Ex-pupil Laci, who now attends Flixton Girls school, brought her multiple medals and trophies with her and inspired the younger children with a demonstration floor routine. She also agreed to stay behind to help children with their gymnastic skills throughout the afternoon.

Our video.

Rugby Tag

For the second year running we successful won the Tag Rugby Salford Finals. This means that we will again be representing Salford in the Regional Finals. Well done to all children involved. Unfortunately the weather was very bad so I could only get video of one of the games.

Click here for the video. 

Gymnastics Clinic at the Salford Centre of Excellence.

Monday 25th of November.

For the last 3 years, Irlam Endowed have won the Salford competition for gymnastics and represented Salford at the regional winter games. We are very proud of our gymnastic squad and here they are enjoying a fun day clinic at Ordsall Fit City, Gymnastic Centre of Excellence.

Enjoy the video. Irlam Endowed are the children in the maroon vests.

These are some of the sports competitions we took part in last year.

2012/2013 Greater Manchester School Games

Table Tennis

All the fixtures for the Yr3 table tennis league have been completed.  The results are published on the following website:

I would like to congratulate all players for the fantastic improvements they have made in the sport.  Their enthusiasm for the club has been a pleasure to observe. 

Year 3 have no more fixtures to complete so they do not need to come to the afterschool club anymore.

The Yr4, Yr5, and yr6 table tennis leagues are nearing completion. Therefore, it is imperative that they attend the final table tennis after school club this Friday after school. Failure to attend will mean that your child will lose the remaining fixtures.


Mon 4th Feb 2013 Gymnastics

The Gymnastic teams at Irlam Endowed have been training since September. Their hard work really paid off as their success at The Salford Gymnastic finals showed. The finals were attended by over 65 children (15 from Irlam Endowed). The children experienced what this sport is like at the centre of excellence for Gymnastics in Salford (Fit City Ordsall). They used the high-quality equipment available and got to perform their learnt routine in front of the Gymnastic judge.

As you can see, the results are a very close thing.

Years 1 and 2

James Brindley- 49.8, Irlam Endowed- 47.9, Holy Family-46.9, Cathedral- 43.2, Dukesgate-33.4

Special mention goes to Lucy, Charlotte and Ellie who won Gold, silver and Bronze respectively.

Years 3 and 4

James Brindley- 50.7, Cathedral-47.2, Irlam Endowed-46.5, Dukesgate-41.7,

St Lukes-39.3

Years 5 and 6

Irlam Endowed-41.2, Cathedral-39.2, St Lukes-35.1


Friday 1st Feb Hockey

The Yr5/6 hockey team represented Irlam and Cadishead in the Salford final at St. Edmunds Primary School. The competition was an enjoyable event and  a very close run thing. There were two teams who floated through the competition undefeated - Irlam Endowed and The Cathedral School.  In fact the two teams finished the competition level on points and goal difference. However, due to having scored more goals, Irlam Endowed topped the league. This means we have qualified for the Winter Games final next term.


Friday 1st Feb Football

The Yr5/6 Football team took part in the 1st stage of the Man Utd Premier League trophy. The quality of football at this tournament was fantastically high. The children won all their games whilst only conceding one goal. Huge credit goes to Reece Kelly who, as always, coaches our children in the right way. The second and final part of the competition will be played next term.


Jan 31st 2013 Yr3/4 Footballers

All the children who attend afterschool football club took part in an after school football match against Moorfield. The match was played in great spirit and all players from both teams put on a fantastic show of pass and move football, for a large crowd of cold and wet supporters. The match finished 8-3 to Irlam Endowed.


Jan 23rd 2013 Yr1/2, Yr3/4and Yr5/6 Gymnastics

The Irlam Endowed Gymnastic squad helped organise and participated in,  a Gymnastics fun day. The event was joint organised by Mr Scrutton (Irlam and Cadishead SSCO) and Gill Waring (Salford Gymnastics). The event welcomed back Laci as an ex – pupil (now in Yr8 at Flixton Girls School and Bury Gymnastics) who put on a fantastic display to wow and inspire the younger gymnasts. The event was made possible by Irlam Pool who kindly lent their facility free of charge. The children enjoyed time on a trampoline, beam, vault and floor. This was not a competition, but the feedback from the event was very positive and many children left excited by this fantastic sport and joined the waiting list for the local club. 

gym festival and fun day WEB from Tracey Banks on Vimeo.


On Wednesday 5th December, Irlam Endowed Primary school held a basketball tournament alongside Cadishead Primary and St. Mary’s Primary school. The tournament was a great success and was extremely close. Irlam Endowed eventually finished winners of the competition. Irlam Endowed will represent our cluster on Friday 8th February.

Girls Football

On Wednesday 19th September all primary schools met at ICC for a Year 5/6 Girls Football tournament. Five schools (Fiddlers Lane, Irlam Endowed, Irlam Primary, Cadishead and St. Marys) competed for the honour of representing Irlam and Cadishead in the Salford Girls Football Competition. The event was a greats success and the children had a fantastic time. 3 teams finished the competition with 5 points (one win and two draws) and their position had to be settled by goal difference. Irlam Endowed finished in first place by winning all their games, scoring 10 goals and conceding none. Irlam Endowed will go on to represent Irlam and Cadishead in the Salford Finals on Friday 23rd November


Water Polo 

As part of the official opening of Irlam Pool. Irlam Endowed and Cadishead Primary School were involved in an inter-school Water Polo competition. 3 teams from each school participated in 3 5 aside games. The event was a great success and many children, who were inspired by the recent Olympic games, enjoyed the event and have a great desire to keep playing. After 1 hours of high – quality competition; all three Irlam Endowed teams won all their games.

In order to facilitate the children’s enthusiasm for the sport, Irlam Endowed Primary will be running an after school water polo club for their pupils every Thursday. We hope to have further competition with other schools at a later date.


Football Yr5/6

Children from Fiddlers Lane, Moorfield, Irlam Endowed, Irlam Primary, Cadishead and St. Mary's met at ICC to compete in a Yr5/6 football competition. The event was a huge success, which saw a high level of competition from all schools. The results were all very close with 3 team finishing on 5 points and being separated by goal difference and Cadishead and Irlam Endowed both finishing unbeaten. Irlam Endowed finishes as tournament winners.

Yr3.4 Football

On Wednesday 21st November children from year 3 and Year 4 from 5 different schools in Irlam and Cadishead enjoyed an inter school football competition. The event was part of the schools commitment to school games and the Olympic legacy. The children really enjoyed participating in a very close competition, which saw Moorfield Primary school and Irlam Endowed Primary battling it out in the final game for first place. Irlam Endowed ended up eventual winners with a 2-0 victory against Moorfield. The event was a huge success and the children were heard asking if there was another tournament coming soon. Watch this space...



On Wednesday 17th October, six primary school teams competed in a High Five Netball competition. The competition was very competitive and the quality of netball was very good. The competition was very close with Irlam Primary finishing in 3rd place, Fiddlers Lane finishing in second place. Irlam Endowed finished as tournament winners and will represent the cluster in the Salford finals. The Netball teachers at the school Mrs Timmin's was very pleased with her team. She said: "Every Friday, the children come to training and their skills and performance has improved massively since September. The competition was a great success and the children have a memory that they can cherish for life."


Table tennis

Irlam Endowed, as part of their commitment to school games and embracing the Olympic Legacy, have introduced table tennis as their new sport for this year. In September, The sport was launched by Year 6 attending the Table Tennis World Cup at Liverpool Echo Arena. This event saw the best table tennis players in the world compete for the World Cup. As part of the day, children enjoyed one hour in an activity room where they were coached by expert table tennis coaches. Mr Scrutton said "this event created massive enthusiasm for the sport, and the children had a fantastic day".

Not wanting the excitement for the sport to dwindle, Irlam Endowed launched a table tennis league. Every Thursday, children from year 3 to Year 6 compete in an Intra - School Table tennis league. The league is live online

This league has been running for a month now and the children's progression and skills for the sport has grown immensely.

Details of the table tennis fixtures can be found at the link below.

Details of the JP League fixture list can be found at the link below

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