Eco Council


Our Eco Councillors 2017 - 2018


Year Six:     Lily-Rose & Ruby
Year Five:     Zane & William
Year Four:     Finn & Alessia
                        Year Three:     Tom & Nevaeh
Year Two:     Poppy & Florence
Year One:

    Kirsty, Jamie & Theo

Our wonderful new Eco Council were duly elected last week after an amazing canvassing week in school.

It is going to be an exciting year ahead, with lots of wonderful ideas already planned.

Well done to all the new Eco Councillors.

Eco Day 2018

The Eco Council had great fun creating tunnels in the bushes around the field.


Heartly Green Care home


On 29th March 2018, the Eco Council were very kindly invited to a mini farm day that was held at Heartly Green Care Home.

We all had a fantastic visit and it was so worthwhile meeting the residents and seeing how much joy they had at seeing the children and the animals.


Last Year


Eco Council have been using their thinking caps to work out some good ideas for a fund raising Eco day.  We would like to re-build the twigloos on our school field. Look out for a date soon!

Eco Morning

We had a lovely and cold Eco Morning!  Many thanks to the 2 brave volunteers who turned up to help.

We trimmed our buddleia and Twigloo ready for the winter, before retreating back into the warmth.

Check out our new wooden seats that we won in our Recycling bid.

Many thanks to everyone for all of your help towards our bid.

The Eco-Council had their first meeting today and we were all bursting with ideas for the forthcoming year.


We also chose our Chairperson, Secretary and treasurer.  Max Singleton is our Chairperson, Matthew Walsh and Corby price are both Secretaries and Amelia Wieczniak is our Treasurer.


Our ideas for the next school year include more Eco-days, Gardening Club, Litter picking, Designing more of the field, Fruit growing and being Bill Busters.


We would also like to raise money for a new Vegetable stall and growing centre.  We thought we could raise money by selling recycled crafts at the fairs.


Our first eco Morning is on Friday 11th November 2016.  All helpers more than welcome and donations greatly received!



Litter Picking

Eco council had a brilliant afternoon going around the local streets around school doing litter picking.  We were amazed at how much litter we found! We were taking part in a Hamilton Davies Trust campaign. Also this term we are taking part in a Salford Recycling Funding Scheme. This is where you place a bid and if local recycling increases in the area and we receive enough votes then our bid will win.  We are hoping to receive money for seats on the field.

Please vote on: Whitaker Irlam Endowed Primary School


Eco Meeting

On February 10th 2016, we held an Eco Council Meeting.  We shared how we had already worked hard on the garden area last Eco Day and then we decided we would like more Eco days.  We would like to concentrate on the Twigloos and planting more bulbs and plants.

We also shared how we could look after the inside environment and be more Eco friendly.  We decided it would help if we managed to turn off lights and taps when they are not in use and monitor areas around school.

We like the name "Bill Busters".


From now until July 2016, we are also going to work on an Eco Code.  This will be a set of statements, that as a school, we will all stick to in order to be more Eco Friendly.


Eco Day

Thank you so much to all the Eco-Council for their amazing poster designs for the Eco Day.  We braved the rain so that we could clear all the overgrown trees from near Year 1 and the bikes. We cut, tidied, carried and made a brilliant job of the space.

A special thank you to Liam Y’s mum for all her hard work!


We had our first meeting on 14th October 2015 to welcome the newly chosen Eco Council.

We chose Thomas Rabbetts to be our Chairperson, Nicholas Smith to be our Treasurer and a shared role for Abi O’Driscoll and Liam Yarwood as Secretaries.

As our Eco Day is looming, we had a chat about the day and what we will be doing.

As a little task, the Eco Council are going to make posters to advertise the day.

Everybody is welcome to come along and join in.

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