Year 2 - Mrs Whitaker


Long Term Plan: Year Two's Long Term Plan.pdf

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I Can See A Rainbow

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Trip Letter: Year Two Trip Letter MOSI.pdf

Museum of Science

and Industry

Year 2 had a fabulous day at The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

We attended a Science show about light and colour.  We had fun seeing how mirrors and optical illusions changed things.

We then explored the investigation area and had a look round the Wheels and Flight section.

It was a brilliant day.

Woodland Wonders

Topic Letter: Y2 topic letter.pdf

Welcome Letter: Y2 sept letterwelcome.pdf

Homework Letter: Y2 homework lettery.pdf

Walton Park Gardens


Year 2 went on their trip to Walton Park Gardens in Warrington.  We went to visit the farm there and we saw lots of lovely animals.  Then we went for a woodland walk and all of a sudden, a Gruffalo appeared!

We had our photos taken  with the Gruffalo and then we had a dance.

We had a wonderful day!





Woodland Artwork


Our artwork was looking at collage skills.  We chose our favourite animal and then had a go at doing our collage.


Look at our final artwork!





We have been looking at farming in our topic work and so we decided to make vegetable soup.

We all had a go at peeling and chopping the different vegetables.

When it was cooked we all had a taste.