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Parent Consultation 2017 —Parent View Survey:

We are always interested in hearing parents’ views. We wanted to hear  your feedback on what our school does well, plus any areas you would like more information on. ​


Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback!


94% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is happy at our school.  

96% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child feels safe at our school. 

99% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is well looked after at our school. 

91% of parents agree or strongly agree that  our school ensures that pupils are well behaved.

We feel our strong pupil voice councils, buddy systems, caring staff and pupils and pastoral worker contribute to this. 


97% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child makes good progress at our school. 

99% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is taught well at our school. 

92% of parents agree or strongly agree that they received valuable information  from us about their child's progress.

We constantly strive to ensure parents/carers are aware of the Governments expectations for learning, through regular meetings, newsletters and online advice. We feel this allows all people involved in a child's education- children, parents and staff to have a clear vision and high expectations of everyone involved in school.


90% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child  receives the appropriate amount of homework for their age. ​Our ongoing parental consultations (please see below) have ensured that we all work together to allow children to receive the appropriate amount and focus of homework. 


95% of parents agree or strongly agree that the school  is well led and managed. Thank you - we believe this is achieved through working as a team and a community. 


92% of parents agree or strongly agree that our school responds well to any concerns that are raised. We will continue to ensure all staff are available before and after school to deal with any concerns that parents/carers may have. Also our Pastoral Worker - Ms Walsh - is always available to address any needs or concerns parents/carers or children may have. 


90% of parents agree or strongly agree that the school provides quality out of school activities. 

88% of parents agree or strongly agree that the school provides good sporting opportunities for their children.

Please see our PE and sports pages http://www.irlamendowed.salford.sch.uk/pe-and-sports​ to see the extensive clubs and PE opportunities that Irlam Endowed provides not only for our own pupils, but also the school and community cluster. 


and finally,


a whopping 97% of parents agree or strongly agree that they would recommend this school to another parent. ​ And that says it all!


Thank you once again for your ongoing support!


Parent Consultation Summer 2016 - Homework:

We would like to say ‘Thank You’ to all parents who took part in our recent homework survey.

The results were very positive, with the vast majority of parents saying they clearly understood how to support their children with their homework, that they knew the keywords and times tables that their children needed to learn and that they agreed with the amount of homework that their children were given during term time.


However, many parents wanted us to look into how we approached holiday homework.

Therefore, we have made the decision that, as from September, holiday homework will be adjusted to be as follows:  Reading of school reading book (as stated by class teacher) and a topic project only. 

If any parents require any further homework  during the holidays to support their child’s learning, then please feel free to contact your child’s class teacher, and we are happy to provide.


Reading Survey Results

Thank you to all parents and children who completed our recent reading survey.

Please click on the Word documents to find out the results and also what we intend to do as a school to help.




 Consultation for Autumn 2013

The consultation for Autumn 2013 will be around reading at home strategies. So please look out for this coming home soon.

At the link below you can find the parents reading survey that we sent home recently.



Also, we will be feeding back on the repeated survey we carried out with the children on behaviour and safety, and comparing the two sets of findings.


 PE and sports questionnaire.

Mr Scrutton would like to say a huge thank you to the many parents who completed the PE and sports questionnaire. The results are extremely positive and reflect the strong commitment we have in delivering High-Quality PE and Sorting experiences for all of our children.

For those who haven't already heard we have recently been rewarded the very Prestigious Gold Kite-mark. We are the first school in Salford to achieve this and are very proud of our children and staff for their contribution towards this award.

7 parents said they were unsure of their children's progress in PE. I keep regular records of children's progress in PE and also test their fitness levels every term. Whilst we do not share this data every term, (as it is not common practise to do so), we do report back to parents once a year through the reports. If any parent would like more information on their child's PE progress, I am always available on Parent evening nights or you are welcome to email me at work or arrange an appointment.

8 Parents were also unsure of whether their child's view was listened to in school for PE. This year we have added a School Sports Council which meet with me regular to discuss the children's views. On the back of this there have been the following changes:

1) Sports day is know all day (in the morning the parents are invited too and the afternoon is led by yr6)

2) Water Polo is offered to all KS2 as an after school club

3) Netball was offered as an afterschool club

4) An intra-school Netball  league was set up

5) Gymnastics club ran all year for Early year/KS1 and KS2

6) Swimming lessons were extended to an hour and in Yr5 we have 30mins of curriculum time Water Polo.

A spreadsheet showing all the data can be found at the link below.



 Feedback from our Numeracy Survey

We invited our parents/carers to complete a survey asking about their knowledge about maths at school, different calculation methods used and maths at home.

The results showed that:

  • over 92% of parents felt that counting and doing times tables are important activities to do at home,
  • over 75% know the tables that their child is learning at school
  • over 95% of parents ask maths questions with their children.

Some parents would like to know more about the tables being learnt but mostly parents felt confident with their knowledge. They felt that school does inform them through homework, parents evenings, letters sent home, certificates or by asking their child.

We were very interested to see how much maths is done at home in everyday life.  It is important that children see maths as a life skill and not just a lesson done at school.

Good times to ask maths questions when at home:

During shopping-money questions, counting, when you travel-counting, shape spotting, in the home- setting the table, making pairs, telling the time


  • many parents would like more information about the calculation methods we use in school

The written calculation methods we use in school are found at the front of your child’s planner. We used the National Curriculum to devise a policy for the methods for the four different calculations.  As a school, we believe that the understanding of calculating is as important as the methods.  Therefore, we cover a sequence of skills that lead up to the more formal methods being used.  As your child reaches middle Juniors, they will start to become familiar with the traditional column methods.

As part of the consultation, we have taken on board any areas that may need developing.

Please look out for any newsletters, information on topic letters, helpful hint sheets and please check out the website for any details.


 Our Current Consultation is: Numeracy

As part of our consultation work on helping our school improvement, we are looking at mental maths.  We are interested in how maths is completed at home, how you help your child and how your calculation methods may vary from the ones we currently teach in school.

Please could you complete the questionnaire that has come home and send it back into school.

All your views are important to us!

Thank you for the questionnaires received so far!

You can download the numeracy questionaire at the link below.



 School Improvement Summer 2012

Based on our assessment data and teacher reflections our school improvement focus for summer of 2012 was reading.

We invited our infant parents to complete a survey asking about their knowledge about phonics to support reading and the reading habits of them and their children.

The results showed that:

  • over 85% of parents felt that reading is an important activity at home,
  • over 70% listen to their children read aloud every day,
  • over 85% of parents discuss the books with their children.

We were very interested to learn how aware our parents were about the use of phonics in reading and how it may be used as support at home.

The survey highlighted:

  • our parents feel confident with the school’s current phonics strategies and use them to help their child read new words at home.


  • many parents weren't aware of the changes taking place in the teaching of reading and phonics in EYFS and Key Stage One at Irlam Endowed.

To address this we have:

  • updated our pupil reading planners and school website with guidance and helpful hints to help parents support children.
  • our EYFS department held parent meetings where our approach to reading and phonics was demonstrated and discussed with parents.

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Please also visit the Governors area of this website to find out how they have been supporting school.

Look out on these pages for the latest school consultation, the outcomes, planned actions and impact.


Ofsted Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school.

Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. Ofsted will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect and when.

By sharing your views, you’ll be helping your child’s school to improve. You will also be able to see what other parents have said about your child's school for any school in England.

You can access Parent View by clicking on the link below or by putting Ofsted parent view in any internet search engine.