Term Dates

School Holidays 2016-2017

  School Opens School Closes
Autumn Thursday 1st September 2016 Friday 21st October 2016
  Monday 31st October2016 Wednesday 21st December 2016
Spring Monday 9th January 2017 Friday 17th February 2017
  Tuesday 28th February 2017 Friday 31st March 2017
Summer Tuesday 18th April 2017 Friday 26th May 2017
  Wednesday 7th June 2017 Thursday 20th July 2017


Note school will be closed for Bank Holiday on Monday 1st May 2017


School Holidays 2017-2018

  School Opens School Closes
Autumn Monday 4th September 2017 Friday 20th October 2017
  Tuesday 31st October 2017 Wednesday 20th December 2017
Spring Wednesday 3rd January 2018 Friday 16th February 2018
  Monday 26th February 2018 Thursday 29th March 2018
Summer Monday  16th April 2018 Thursday 24th May 2018
  Wednesday 6th June 2018 Friday 20th July 2018


Note school will be closed for Bank Holiday on Monday 7th May 2018


Diary Dates

1st Bank Holiday
2nd Year 3 Art Day
3rd Plants Delivered
3rd Red Pepper Event  (3.15pm - 5pm)
8th Year 6 SATs Week
9th LR Art Morning
10th Y4 Art Day
10th Red Pepper Event (3.15pm - 5pm)
10th PTA Meeting
15th  Year 2 SATs Week
16th Year 1 Art Morning
16th Year 3 Trip to Magma
17th Reception Trip to Underwater Street
17th Year 2 Sharing Assembly (2.30pm)
17th Red Pepper Event (3.15pm - 5pm)
19th Last Year 6 BMX session
22nd Year 2 to Dunham Massey
23rd Year 6 Art Day
24th Year 1 Sharing Assembly (2.30pm)
24th Red Pepper Event (3.15pm - 5pm)
25th Nursery Trip to Blackpool Zoo
26th School Closes
7th School Re-Opens
8th School Council to Houses of Parliament
9th Nursery meeting for new intake (2pm)
9th Deadline for France payments
13th Year 2 Art Morning
13th Swimming Gala (1pm)
13th Year 5 Puberty Meeting (3.15pm)
14th Year 4 to Halle
15th Year 6 Watersports
15th Year 6 Parent's France Meeting (4.30pm)
16th Toddler Trip
16th Nursery & Year 6 Class Photos
16th Father's Day Gift and Lunch
20th Year 3 Art Day
21st Year 6 Cabbage Science Day
21st New Nursery Lunch
21st Reception Sharing Assembly (2.30pm)
22nd Reception Trip to Blue Planet Aquarium
22nd Dance Show for Parents (2.15pm)
22nd KS2 Disco (5pm - 6.30pm)
23rd Toddler Photos
26th Year 4 Show at Lowry (5.15pm)
27th Year 4 Art Day
28th Year 6 Water Sports
28th New Nursery Visit Day
28th Red Pepper Event (3.15pm - 5pm)
29th Sports Day (9.30am EYFS/KS1) (11am KS2)
30th Summer Fair (3.15pm - 5pm)
3rd - 7th Year 6 France Week
5th Nursery Sharing Assembly (2.30pm)
10th Nursery Visit Day
12th Year 6 Watersports
12th Nursery Trip to Farm
17th Reports Home
18th Parent's Evening Drop In
19th Year 6's Leaver's Assembly (1.45pm)
20th School Closes (No Mojos after school)

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