School Governors

Jill Da Costa

Shellie Gartside

Christine Callaghan

Theresa Carter

Luke Wareham

Paul Clague

Steven Bottomley

Beverley Greenbank

Emma Illsley

Merry Degg


Catherine Broadhurst


Brian Lowndes 

Governor Date Appointed Term of Office Role Responsibility Committee Governance Role Elsewhere
Jill Da Costa 31/12/2011 On going Head Teacher Governor Head Teacher

School Improvement Environment

School Finance


Shellie Gartside 14/09/2015 4 Years Community Governor


HT appraisal

School Improvement Environment

School Finance


Moorfield Primary
Christine Callaghan 01/09/2014 4 Years Foundation Governor

School Improvement


Theresa Carter 14/09/2015 4 Years Community Governor

HT appraisal

Quality of teaching working party

School Finance


Luke Wareham 14/09/2015 4 Years Associate Governor HT appraisal

School Finance


Paul Clague 14/09/2015 4 Years Community Governor Health and Safety

 School Improvement Environment

Steven Bottomley 18/06/2015 4 Years Foundation Governor

School Finance


Beverly Greenbank 01/11/2011 4 Years Parent Governor


Quality of teaching working party

School Improvement Environment None
Emma Illsley 26/08/2013 4 Years Associate Governor

School Finance  


Merry Degg 01/09/2014 4 Years Staff Governor

School Finance  


Catherine Broadhurst 04/09/17 4 Years Parent Governor

School Finance  


Brian Lowndes 04/09/17 4 Years LA Governor

School Improvement Environment

Health & Safety


Associate Governors

It would need to be clearly minuted that an Associate Governor would have voting rights on the committee they were serving on.


Please click on the link for the Irlam Endowed Governing Body register of personal, pecuniary or business interests.

register-of-business-interests---school-website---irlam-endowed-sept-16 (4).docx


Please click on the link below for the Terms of reference for: 

School Improvement Committee- Terms of ref school imp 17-18.docx

Environment Committee- Terms of reference Environment 17.docx

Finance Committee- Terms of reference Finance 15.docx

Personnel Committee- Terms of reference Personnel 15.docx


Please click on the links to see the governor meeting attendance statistics for last complete school years - 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18

Governors Attendance at meetings 1st September 2015 to 31st July 2016.pdf

Attendance - Autumn 2016.pdf

Attendance - Spring 2017.pdf

Attendance - Summer 2017.pdf

Attendance Report 2017-18.pdf



Click the link below for the Irlam Endowed Governing Body Constitution.

Irlam Endowed Primary - sealed IOG 01.09.15.pdf


How Governors have been supporting school.

From September 2014 to July 2015 66% of Governors attended full governing body meetings


Autumn Term 2017

  • Governors attended a meeting with Ofsted and the feed back session.
  • Lucy Ainsworth and Shellie Gartside attended school to go through the QWTP with The Headteacher.
  • School improvement and School Environment committees where held on Thursday 8th March


Spring Term 2017

  • SI governor completed termly check on the content of the school website.
  • Maths governor met with Maths subject lead to review the development of the curriculum area. Discussion around the latest data and new maths initiatives taking place in school. Governor fed this back at the SI sub-committee.
  • Governors completed further safeguarding training.
  • Chair of Governors involved in recruitment of new staff.
  • Governors involved in various working parties including quality of teaching and financial monitoring.

Autumn term 2016

  • Governors attended the Safeguarding and Prevent training workshops.
  • Governors assisted in the interview and appointment of a new school pastoral manager.
  • The governor’s Quality of Teaching Working Party (QTWP) met to liaise with the Headteacher on the monitoring of the quality of teaching and teaching judgements, and were very pleased at the standards.
  • Governors worked alongside an external School Improvement Partner to complete the Headteacher’s appraisal cycle. They were pleased to announce that all targets for the 2015-16 school year were well met. They also worked alongside the Head Teacher on the school development plan and her 2016-17 appraisal targets.
  • The governor pay panel met to agree the pay awards for eligible staff.
  • Governor’s attendance at governing body meetings was high this term.

September 2016

During the Summer term of the 2015-16 school year, as well as regular meetings with minutes available, the governors made several visits to school to support events.

The Chair of governors was involved in school improvement actions linked to the school development plan.

The quality of teaching working party continued to work alongside the senior management team on ensuring teaching standards remain high.

The governor responsible for monitoring the website fed back to the school improvement sub-committee.

Early performance data was reviewed by the school improvement sub-committee.

The finance and personnel sub-committee reviewed the budget and staffing structure for the 2016-17 school year.

Newly appointed governors attended relevant governance training sessions.

Autumn 2015

We have been busy supporting the school’s school development plan by carrying out curriculum monitoring activities. Governors have met with subject leaders to go through their new curriculum action plans.

The governors are extending their involvement in monitoring the standards of teaching by setting up a standards working party. This group of governors will work with the Senior management team to ensure teaching standards are being consistently met.

Governors have attended training on the new assessment without levels procedures to ensure school improvement continues.

Governors have supported the head with staffing and recruitment issues.

Several class governors have been into school and spent time with their designated year groups.
March 2015 update: We have been busy reconstituting the Governing Body in line with new government guidelines. From September 2015, governing bodies are to be reduced in size and in selecting the appropriate governors to remain, consider the needs of the schools and the strengths of individual governors. The governing body should have members with expertise and experience in a variety of areas including finance, personnel, management and education. Parents, staff, the school trust and the local community should all be represented. Our governing body have made the decision that our governing body will be reduced to 12 members and the exact ones are in the process of being agreed.
The Chair of Governors recently attended the meeting held by the interim management at Irlam and Cadishead College, on behalf of the Governing Body, and fed back to the full board. The Acting Head of School at ICC asked for an opportunity to meet the Y5 and Y6 parents to discuss the current foci, and the action plan in place to deal with the issues the school is facing. Parents were given the opportunity to ask questions about the  provision which will be in place for their child, and how the needed improvements will be made.
Two governors have attended safeguarding training updates to ensure the board complies with all the necessary legislation.


Summer Term 1 2014

We welcomed a new LA Governor onto the Governing Body this term. Her name is Mrs Leese.

One of our Community Governors has met with Mr Scrutton on several occasions to assist in the completion of bids for additional funding, to support our extended curriculum.


Spring Term 2. 2014

Many governors were involved in meetings with the Ofsted Inspection Team to share our partnership with the school, our aims and received the initial feedback. We would like to thanks all the pupils and staff for their hard work during the inspection. They should feel very proud of their achievements and improvements since the last inspection.

The attendance governor has worked alongside the pastoral working on monitoring the attendance and punctuality levels. The school continues to improve its attendance percentage, which is seen as a good indicator that the pupils want to come to school, and enjoy being here.

A pair of governors completed the financial training which enables governors to oversee the budget and achieve Best Value. The Chair of Governors was also involved in the annual review of the school’s financial standard.


Spring Term 1. 2014

We welcomed a new parent governor, with twins in Year 2.

The trust governors from John Greaves agreed to contribute towards our new EYFS play tower. The governors also agreed to use some of school fund money raised to pay towards the play tower.

The Health and Safety governor is working alongside the school on our Health and Safety external audit.

A large number of governors attended a meeting to review the end of EYFS, Y1, Y2 and Y6 formal assessment data and look at school effectiveness and agree the next steps for school improvement. This included looking closely at the performance of vulnerable groups including Free School Meals, SEN and the More Able.

The attendance governor has reviewed the latest figures alongside Mrs Wood to fulfil their monitoring role.

Two governors attended the Local Authority update on the new SEN Code of Practice, which has major implications for the tracking of pupils with additional needs in school.


Autumn term 2013:

The governors reviewed the school fund mission statement and agreed that some of the school fund could be used to replace the bridge in the EYFS outdoor play area.

Several governors came into school to help their classes on decoration day.

Governors are monitoring the teacher’s appraisal cycle, and sickness management.

Three members of the governing body attended the Financial training and are supporting the school in their financial award audit.


Autumn term 2013:

Numeracy governor has met with the school numeracy co-ordinator to receive updates on current standards and progression. The governor has passed on thanks to the staff for their hard work in achieving the fantastic maths results this year.

The literacy governor has also followed up the school performance in writing and reading.

New governors appointed in the Autumn term have been into school to meet all the staff and meet their classes.

Several governors attended the inset safeguarding training alongside the school staff.

The governors worked with HR to agree the new pay policy.

The gifted and talented governor has received updates on changes to the register.

Three representatives attended training on governance and the school budget.

Governors joined the staff inset day in September 2013 to complete the statutory safeguarding and Child Protection training.


Summer Term 2013

  • Christine Callaghan was appointed as Chair, and Linda Starling as Vice Chair of Governing body for the academic year 2012/2013
  • Governors have been updated on the performance of pupils in the school, and are satisfied that the Head Teacher and Staff are doing all they can to ensure that the children in the school reach their full potential.
    • Booster sessions are being used for targeted children, and the effectiveness of these sessions evaluated
    • Governors are given visibility, and the opportunity to discuss, of the tracking systems in place to ensure that children are progressing effectively
  • Governors have been updated on the finances of the school, and are satisfied that the school is ensuring that school money is being used effectively to ensure the education, health and well-being of individuals in the school.
    • Governors have full visibility of the school finances, and are able to track the spending
    • Governors are able to ensure robust processes and approval processes when large spending is taking place  
  • Governors have been consulted regarding the allocation of the pupil premium funding and are satisfied that it is being used effectively.

The governors often come in to school for various reasons linked to their role. Please find listed below some examples of the support they have given.

·         November 2012 and February 2013 – Mrs Callaghan came to spend the morning in the  Language Resource class, linked to her role as their class governor.

·         December 2012 – Mrs Dodd spent decorations day in the Nursery, she is their class Governor.

·         March 2013 – Mrs Callaghan (Numeracy Governor) met with Mrs Whitaker, the school’s numeracy co-ordinator to share updates of the progress of reading and writing.

·         February 2013 - Mrs Marshall (Literacy Governor) met with Mrs Ryding, the school’s literacy co-ordinator to share updates of the progress of reading and writing.

·         Termly – Governor’s Heads teacher performance management committee met with Ms Da Costa for updates on progress towards her targets.